When did Chris Mathews become a Alcoholic Homeless Woman?

Just thought I would throw that out there…

The only thing missing is a “40” wrapped in a brown paper bag and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Passing time watching MSNBC, trying to hear someone say Obama did well…

(Update:  I’ve been told that the Decade old crumpled suit and “look like you just spent the night in the trunk of a cab shaking off a bender” is all part of a schtick MSNBC uses to separate their personalities.  Maddow is the petulant Prepubescent boy, Al Sharpton is… well, Al Sharpton.  And, Mathews is the Homeless Woman with the complexion of a worn out Leather Purse and Smokers Growl.  All Cartoons… which I’m told makes it easier for their audience to comprehend.  It’s something to do with the target demographic spending too much time in their parents basements playing video games.  So… I get it now.  Thank you all for the clarification.)

(originally posted 100312)

But some things still make me laugh, and seem strangely relevant today.


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2 responses to “When did Chris Mathews become a Alcoholic Homeless Woman?

  • Rattlesnake

    I’m pretty sure Chris Matthews is just for comic relief. That’s also what Al Sharpton is for, but he is also for race baiting. Rachel Maddow and his twin sister Chris Hayes are for “intellectual” commentary which consists of thoughtless and false (and in Maddow’s case, angry) left-wing talking points. The rest of them are either additional communist mouthpieces; additonal token minorities; or additional comic relief (but, in most cases, all of the above). So, yes, it’s basically a cartoon, one of those weird communist cartoons from the Soviet Union.


    • Mike

      yes! I remember watching some of these in college. They were in black and white… but you’re spot on. Chris Hayes… it get it now. this whole time I thought it was just a better camera angle on Maddow.


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