There’s Just Something About Socialism, Islam, Democrats…

Yet another great one from Pat. (X)

The Praetorian Writers' Group

… things we all know.

You don’t have to be particularly educated to know these things. Everyone knows them. In fact, you could make the case that American higher education gets in the way of knowing things, because it teaches counter to what we all actually already know.

For example: certain things indict themselves. Socialism (Communism and Fascism — pretty much the same things), Islam, American leftism.

How’s that you say? How can the simple, generally low-information voter understand that these things are bad? Well, by simply looking at, and doing some basic contemplation on, the things he does know. They’re out there, these things.

For example, what does absolutely everyone know about Socialism?

Well, there’s just something in Socialism, in the belief system itself, that allows those who adhere to it to kill indiscriminately when they seize power. Everyone knows about the tens of millions murdered around the world…

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