Can’t we all just get along?

No.  We can’t.

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3 responses to “Can’t we all just get along?

  • insanitybytes22

    LOL! I love this post. You so succinctly said what took me nearly 600 words to say. No, we cannot all just get along. We cannot all hold hands and sing kumbaya. It’s just not going to happen. See, there’s this thing called biology…

    Also, call me crazy, but I’m not really sure I even want to hold hands with some guy that thinks I’m an infidel and likes to behead people. Maybe that’s racist or biased or unfriendly or something, but it is what it is.


  • David

    You’re right, we can’t. and it’s one of the wonderful things about life on this big blue ball.

    think of all the time and effort that’s wasted pretending that we should and that we could all get along.

    one of the games we play when we get together is to challenge anothers point of view on whatever the in vogue topic is. Devil’s advocate is what some people would call it. it’s thought provoking and it leads to great discussions.

    how boring life would be if we all got along.

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