The Fictitious “Gender Pay Gap”

X is on a roll. And any mention of Thomas Sowell is added value… However I will not be searching the internets for images of Male underwear models anytime soon. All other types are open for discussion.
Enjoy – Mike.

The Praetorian Writers' Group

I’ve been having a back and forth lately on another blog, with some feminists — both foreign and domestic — who have drunk the entire feminist canon Kool-Aid: America has a “Rape Culture;” one man in ten commits sexual assault in his life; colleges are awash in sexual abuse directed toward women, and, of course — women earn less than men.

Here we have a sterling example of the problem of the left. The teentsiest-weentsiest, tiniest bit of scrutiny makes their “arguments” crumple like dead leaves (Hey, it’s September! Time for the autumn metaphors!).

In my recent back-and-forths, one of my interlocutors, in addition to being sure to accuse me of disdain for women, and of (of course!) sexism, asserted hands-down that women are just as productive as men.

Okay, let’s stipulate to his argument entirely. Lock, stock and barrel. Women are every bit as productive as men, and…

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