Extraordinary Admissions from Obama

Exactly right… the dog didn’t choose to be Rabid.
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This past weekend President Obama was interviewed by some friendly reporter or other. In that interview, Obama made some extraordinary statements of Presidential failure. They were ostensibly small things, but the admissions themselves were astonishing.

First Obama said that “perhaps it had been a mistake” to go golfing immediately after announcing the murder by beheading of journalist James Foley.

Then, Obama indicated that the circumstances or the politics of the moment were not favorable for him to act unilaterally regarding immigration — ie for him to make some vast, sweeping amnesty-type move for people in this country illegally.

First extraordinary thing: Regarding the Foley murder: Obama said that he was “supposed to pay attention to the optics,” and that “that’s his job.”

But, what are “the optics?” Well, simply, they’re the appearance of something. When Obama announced Foley’s murder, then went straight to the golf course, “the optics” suggested…

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