As We All Thought…

Amnesty AFTER the Elections!

So you better Re-Elect Liberals!

So… Do all of you folks who voted for this Group feel Used Yet?  Played?  Toyed with?  Taken for Granted?

You Should.

They’ve been doing it to you for decades.

We all know you’re going to keep allowing it.

My only question is Why?

(Headline from Drudge 090614)

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6 responses to “As We All Thought…

  • xPraetorius

    So well said, Mike!


    — x


  • John

    The reason “Why” is because the vast majority of people understand where their best interests are. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


    • Mike

      You must be receiving taxpayer funded welfare of some kind… I would offer being on the dole is not in your best interest, but it may be too late for you.

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      • John

        I have all the world’s goods a man could ever desire – -God is my source of all things just like He is the source of all things for you as well. We are called to be a channel of His blessings to others and if we try to damn His blessings up unto our self He will cut them off and Greed will cause anything He has given us to turn to dust in our hands.


        • Mike

          What greater insult to God could there be than to forcefully mortgage another of His souls for your personal benefit. We may agree on more than it appears.

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          • John

            All things are possible . . . with God nothing is impossible. Let us agree on one thing if on nothing else – – – Jesus Christ is Lord. If we cannot agree on that then can we agree on this: The Lord God, Creator and Sustainer of all that ever was, ever is or ever shall be is worthy to be Praised.

            If we cannot agree on those things then how about this: Heaven and Earth shall pass away but His Word will never pass away and til Heaven and Earth pass not one jot or tittle shall by any means pass from The Law.


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