How to keep the NSA amused….

Very Funny! I had step three down years ago…. and I regularly do step two and seven simultaneously.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Step One: Use a consistent IP address and unsecured public wifi so every darn pervert and hacker has access to your stuff. It’s a bit like creating a six lane traffic jam for spies. The NSA will be so distracted trying to weave their way through all the weirdos spying on YOU, you’ll be left in relative anonymity.

Step Two: Drunk blogging. Wait for a full moon, get yourself a box of cheap wine, and let the skeletons in your closet come out to play…Try to use plenty of melodrama, much like an episode of Dark Shadows. The goal here is to keep them hanging on the edge of their seat, wondering what the heck that crazy girl is going to reveal next…

Step Three: To prevent identity theft resulting from the swiss cheese vulnerabilities our security people have left on the intertoobz, destroy your own identity first. Seriously foul it up!…

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