Let’s Do A Little Thought Exercise Together


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First some background:

The year is 1934. A youngish, charismatic politician has taken the reins of power in Germany. He heads a party with an odd name — the Nazi Party — but when you understand that it’s really just an abbreviation for “National Socialist,” you understand why many in America, especially Democrats, applaud the arrival of this energetic man in power.

In Germany, as all around the world, times are tough — it’s the Great Depression in America — and especially tough in Germany. Inflation is skyrocketing, as employment plummets. There are stories, likely apocryphal but illustrative anyway,  of Germans pushing wheelbarrows filled with German Marks — the currency of the day — to the bakery to buy a loaf of bread.

The leader, Adolf Hitler, promises to restore prosperity and growth with an ambitious program of state-sponsored economic activity, including rapid militarization. There are also troubling stories telling of the…

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