So I Wonder What the Enlightened Social Democrats in Europe think about Immigration?

Surely the Best and Brightest across the pond know what we Should do… and will lend support to the Current Administration’s approach of Open Borders!

‘We need robust measures to ensure our systems are not abused,” insisted James Brokenshire, the immigration and security minister, yesterday, as he explained to the House of Commons what action the Home Office is taking to prevent fraud in immigration. One of the new regulations the Home Office introduced to make immigration controls more rigorous is an English language test. It is essential that anyone who is studying in Britain should be able to read and write English, just as it is vital for anyone who wishes to become a British citizen to be able to understand our language. ‘

Uh.. um.. okay… well how about an educated UK Democratic Socialist?

Dr Fox said the Government was turning around “decades of educational failure” but it was a “national disgrace” that so many people left school unable to read, write or count properly.

With foreign workers needed to fill posts, Dr Fox said: “UK immigration policy needs to be rebalanced so that those who come to our country are usefully economically active.

“There is neither the public appetite nor an economic case for allowing immigrants to come to the UK who will simply absorb our national wealth rather than helping to create it.”

But he added: “We must develop policy that ensures that we are not turning away workers we need. Many of these will be skilled workers, a group currently in danger of being choked off, but it may ultimately mean unskilled labour too.

“In short, I believe that we need to have what we might call an ‘open and shut’ immigration policy. That is, an approach that is open to those who are economically active and have the skills our economy requires but closed to those who will become dependent on the state or who possess skills we do not require for our economic well-being.”

Restricting immigration to those who would benefit the UK’s economy would curtail the number of people coming for “social or cultural” reasons, he said.

“There is no reason why the UK should not adopt a strict points system, along the Australian model to deal with the two-thirds of our immigration that comes from outside the EU,” he said.

“It will build on the changes already made in a logical way. It has the merits of clarity and transparency and, I believe, would be seen as fair and reasonable by the British people.

“But let’s be very frank, if we are going to ensure that those with the necessary skills for our economy are more able to come to the United Kingdom, then the corollary will be that the numbers of those who come here, as part of our social or cultural migration will need to be curtailed.

“What I am proposing is, again, an open and shut policy: more open to those who have the skills that we will need to maintain our prosperity and place in the world and more closed to those who, for whatever reason, would end up placing a burden on our welfare system and national infrastructure.

Oh my…

Well surely the Leftists in Britain see the value of Multi-Culturalism and Forward Progress associated with Illegal Immigration…

“Immigration has a negative impact on house prices when foreigners move to areas of the country previously dominated by British citizens, according to a major new report.

I guess the British are all a bunch of racists.  Enlightened Socialist Progressive Racists… but Racists none the less.

I wonder how Germany is handling their Immigration issues?

(Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet agreed on Wednesday to explore new policies to stop immigrants abusing welfare benefits in an effort to defuse a row within her new right-left coalition over migrants from Romania and Bulgaria.

Uh oh…

Fine.  Enough of Europeans.  What about those Enlightened Socialists directly south of us?

Mexico’s Immigration Policy: Hypocritical?

Well crap!

Where does a U.S. President have to go to get some love?





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