Holly Fisher: The Difference, Explained

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For National Review OnlineCharles C. W. Cooke explains…

This image — which features an American woman named Holly Fisher and an international terrorist named Sherafiyah Lewthwaite — has been doing the rounds on Lefty Twitter:


“Explain the difference”? With pleasure.

The woman on the left is a peaceful American citizen with a husband in the military. She has never killed anybody, and nor does she have any desire to. The reason that you know her name is that she has become a minor political celebrity for her outspoken support of a Supreme Court decision that upheld the rule of law against the intrusion of the executive branch. In her photograph, she is mocking the president for his intolerant and ignorant “cling to guns or religion” comments.

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3 responses to “Holly Fisher: The Difference, Explained

  • Anonymous

    It is even simpler than that. The American woman is showing her loyalty to a country ( flag) that allows her the FREEDOM of religion and the right to bear arms for the protection of those and other freedoms. In America she could also be holding the Koran or any other book. The other woman hopes to destroy countries who offer these freedoms and instead plans to use the gun to kill everyone who refuses to convert to her radical and oppressive religion. HUGE DIFFERENCE ! And if you can’t see it you are just another political bigot.


    • Mike

      I agree with everything here… but I’m not sure about political bigot. I might recommend ‘Arrogant Elitist A-Hole who Supports Socialist Tyranny over Individual Freedom and Liberty’.


  • xPraetorius

    Yep. I saw this one. Cooke swatted it well. The sad thing is that he thought that he had to. It’s sad that anyone would even think to pose the question he flicked away.


    — x


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