Chief Justice Roberts, The Benevolent Arsonist.

Roberts has poured gas on the fire.  Intentionally.

This Obama Care ruling with Chief Justice Roberts at the center of it seems to me to be a blessing in disguise.

Let’s look at this in the simplest terms… which is the best way for me as I’m drunk most of the time.

1. The number one tactic on the Left to find legitimacy within the constitution for their schemes is removed.  The Commerce Clause has been and to this point was yet again offered up as authority for Leftists to force. Force anything they wanted… and they were hoping for a victory on Obamacare based on the “authority” of the Commerce Clause thus opening the door to making you do anything they wanted.  This use of the Commerce Clause has been emasculated.
They lost this now and for the future.  Justice Ginsburg is not happy about this…

2. Roberts opinion put’s Obama Care in the category of a tax. Nobody has yet been “harmed” by the tax as it has not kicked in yet. (It is my opinion that Roberts and many of us knew the Left, if losing the case, was going to repackage Socialized Medicine as a tax – just like Medicare – and push it that way. This would buy them another four years of legal wrangling all the while continuing to build their health care bureaucracy in the background where nobody see’s it. Yes, kind of like Iran and their nuclear program. The Socialists and the Theocrats are very similar in most ways.)

But now that it is a tax… and declared as such by all parties… the second it kicks in and “harms” somebody, the suits will start flying. Only this new challenge will have happened much faster than the Liberals would have wanted. Remember, like any good drug dealer you don’t have a solid customer until their hooked, which takes a little time, and that’s what the Liberals have openly stated.

3. Since it is a tax… it lands squarely back into the hands of Congress and our duly elected representatives who are up for election in 120 days more or less.  Hmmm…

4.  The court has reinforced the states right to not participate.  The court has reinforced the ability for the states not to proceed with the Medicaid expansion without retribution.  The Left does not like this either…  Socialism has no room for State’s rights and the 10th Amendment.

I think Roberts knew exactly what he was doing in the name limited government contrary to popular belief. But I seem to run contrary at times.

It appears to me that he has pushed this to a fight.  He has accelerated what he knew would otherwise be a long drawn out exercise to the benefit of the Socialized Medicine crowd.  He has also opened a multi-front war on this program combined with the right amount of governing philosophy required to report on it.  Who knows, may be the American people will learn something over the next few years.  May be not.

I will always stand tall to be corrected…  we’ll see.

None of you will remember what I’ve stated here in two years anyway.

(From exactly Two years ago… originally posted 062912)

ref: The John Roberts Dart Board


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6 responses to “Chief Justice Roberts, The Benevolent Arsonist.

  • insanitybytes22

    “This Obama Care ruling with Chief Justice Roberts at the center of it seems to me to be a blessing in disguise”

    I tend to agree. Roberts really got slammed for his last Obamacare ruling, but I thought there was some sound legal reasoning behind it. Looks like he’s up to it again.


  • sobpol

    Let’s look at this in the simplest terms… which is the best way for me as I’m drunk most of the time.

    OK, I drank a Margarita
    #1 The number one tactic on the Left to find legitimacy within the constitution for their schemes is removed

    I thought conservatives et all were saying that liberals want to void the constitution and not work within its language?

    #2 Holy crap, I wrote this Scenario #3 two months ago.

    #3 I thought the celebrating was very muted for that very reason but Mr. ‘Take that bitches’ didn’t get the memo.

    #4 I wrote about that too …stand to be corrected? One drink does it for me: I can’t stand


    • Mike

      Yes you did! In fact, your so good I should have been following your stuff… which I am now. I have learned over the years that there is very little original thought… especially mine.


    • Mike

      I almost forgot… No.
      As you know, the Left picks and chooses the language in the Constitution when it suits them. There are many examples but a classic is the use of the First Amendment. They love it… as long as it’s language they agree with.
      The second Amendment (which protects the first, but I digress) enjoys no love from the Left. Which makes sense when you think of it’s intent. I won’t bore you, the Federalist Papers do a far better job of explaining the intent that our Liberal pundits and “scholars” today can’t seem to figure out because of all the “nuances” of “a living breathing document”.
      And don’t foget the amazing powers previously found in the Commerce Clause…
      As with any group or individual who wishes to force, you must work within the system until you can change the system to suit your desires. While the Constitution of the United States has a mechanism to be changed written into it… darn it, it just takes too long and then you have to SELL your ideas to the idiots. When you already know you’re right having to educate, compete and convince is just a nuisance. So, just do whatever you want and claim it’s not a tax until someone with authority says it is… then borrow some Goebbels and just keep repeating it isn’t but still jump up and down with your new found “legitimacy” because it is. We’ll see how that strategery pans out.
      Break out your Rules for Radicals, Mein Kampf, Hillary’s Thesis, or some Gramsci if I’m not being clear.


  • Rattlesnake

    Some people are saying that this gives congress the ability to mandate anything as long as they call it a tax, so it really wasn’t a good thing. What do you think about that?


    • Mike

      While this is true… it is temporary as Congresses taxing authority will now be tested in the courts. And, given the immediate indigestion voters get when taxes are mentioned I’m not too worried about about the Left “doing what the want”. In fact, it will be a hindrence.


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