The Vagina Monologues II

Bill and Hillary Clinton Musical coming to NYC.

According to advanced reviews Bill and Hillary Clinton are cast having strangely similar tastes and proclivities.  One reviewer noted the Characters mirror each other to such a degree that the Director could have cast a single actor if the story didn’t need both appearing at the same time.  Rumor has it Anthony Weiner auditioned for both leads.  It was also noted that one might be interested in buying stock in Lamp and Ashtray manufacturers with the rate at which they are destroyed.

One critic quipped, ‘Now when someone hands me a cigar, I’ve started thinking twice about smoking it.’

The primary concern regarding the success of the Musical, according to reviewers, are the abundant option Theater goers have in New York.

However, even with stiff competition we predict It’ll be hard to beat.


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One response to “The Vagina Monologues II

  • David

    The theatre will be packed with Liberals in one of the most Liberal states in the country. I almost want to go to see the show in the audience but I don’t think I have enough barf bags to actually pull it off.


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