The Missiles our Diplomat Died for.

Today’s lead story is the batch of Man Portable Air Defense Systems (ManPADS) we were covertly selling to Syrian Rebels have fallen into the hands of Al Qaeda who is flooding through Syria and into Iraq under the name of ISIS.

I would suspect that this statement surprises no one reading this.

The current spin is We, the US, sold these Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Iraq… for some reason. I say ‘for some reason’ because there was no ‘air-threat’ they suffered from, save the US should we have desired to be so.  So we are offered yet another Lie.  But that seems to be what’s always on the menu with these Elitist Progressives.

Again, I suspect nobody here to be surprised.

The Administration has a vested interest in Not, Not stating openly to the American Public… certainly Not Their Leftist Base… that the reason we were in Benghazi was to funnel weapons, particularly Stinger-type Missiles, to the Syrian Rebels who were indeed suffering from a clear and present Air-Threat by the Syrian Military.

The Obama Administration has effectively up-armed Al Qaeda with Air Defenses. Air Defenses that are incredibly small and extremely portable. One lone individual can move and deploy the system without help.  Such missiles are feared throughout our military.  We made them… We know they work.

The Obama Administration was so concerned these facts would become public that they have fabricated tale after tale regarding Benghazi and the Murder of our Ambassador Chris Stephens along with 6 brave men trying to defend him.

Wasn’t this the argument which declared the United States was derelict in leaving Afghanistan after we assisted the Afghani’s in resisting the Russian Invasion?

We left them with Stingers Missiles, and the proper training, with no hope of our return…

It lead to the Rise of Al Qaeda… Osama Bin Laden… and the Taliban.

Those who refuse to learn history… those who refuse to acknowledge the past… those who FEEL their way through life… and see Truth as RELATIVE…

Are in charge.

And they have doomed all of us to repeat Everything we should already know is horrible.

And these folks have convinced themselves, and far too many others, that they are the Smartest People in the Room.

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