I Am My Father’s Daughter

What greater insult to God could there be than to not ask ‘Why?’

See, there's this thing called biology...

rabbitMy earthly father was brilliant physicist and a Godly man. He had a lot of challenges and a lot of flaws, but he also had a fierce faith. He believed that one day science would prove the existence of God. My father taught me a lot about randomness and chaos, about math and probability theory, about the synchronicity of the universe. My father used to say, perception is not reality, time is not linear, and “you know not what you think you know.”

He introduced me to Einstein, to Bertrand Russell, to Thomas Aquinas, to Michelangelo. Never mind how old I was, my father knew where I’d been, what I’d seen, and what was to come. He never worried about how much I could understand or what my intellectual limitations were. He also introduced me to classical music, to Bach and Mozart…and to Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash. My father…

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