Freshly Squeezed Solipsism

I had Insanity write this. Why did I have one of the actors in my play write such a essay? Because I fantasize women who read, and quote, Nietzsche. So… you’re welcome. (I know you are… as you are also all actors in my play. That’s the way I see it.)

I will also remind all of you that when I close my eyes you no longer exist.

Where did I put my Scotch?  And my mirror?

See, there's this thing called biology...

So, solipsism, this philosophical idea that only you exist, that you orbit your own
little planet and others only exist as figments of your own perceptions and imagination.
The whole world revolves around me, in fact, I created it. I am the Captain of my soul and
the master of my universe. You create your own reality because nothing exists outside of your
own ego.

milkey way

Some men like to accuse women of being solipsistic. There are some elements of truth to that,
we are after all, an entirely different species. We orbit on our own planets and live with our
own biology. For the record however, I am not solipsistic nor am I riding the crazy train.
It’s much worse than that, I’m actually driving it. You might want to get off the tracks.


Female solipsism is a real thing in the world, I observe it all the time. You’ll…

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