No More Problems at the VA!

In case you missed it, Shinseki has been fired which clears up all the problems with Government run Health Care.


Thank you President Obama!

I’m glad that’s fixed.

Now… FORWARD! with Single Payer Health Care so all of us can enjoy the benefits, and equity, of Cutting Edge Medical Treatment without the Greed, Nepotism, Competition, or Profit Motive, that our Soldiers Enjoy!

By the way, who got fired for leaking the name of our top covert operator in Afghanistan? Oh, and the DOJ is pretty screwed up… and that IRS thing… BATFE up-arming Mexican Drug Cartels seems like it should be looked at… Diplomats left to die in Africa… NSA Domestic Spying… Voter Fraud and Intimidation allowed by the FEC… ICE allowing illegal aliens, and possibly terrorists, to flood across our borders…  Watching trusted financial Gurus almost puke this morning when trying to explain that the inflation rate rising to 1.6% so quickly does not mean we could be headed for hyper-inflation…  Climate Data falsification justifying the sending of U.S. taxpayer funds to Socialist Dictators and Thugs around the world in the name of saving the planet…  etc… etc…


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5 responses to “No More Problems at the VA!

  • David

    The really sad part about Shinseki and Carney leaving is that they both RESIGNED. President Obama is incapable of firing anyone.


  • insanitybytes22

    Shinseki and Carney have both left today to spend more time with their families. After a while this stuff just gets boring and predictable, doesn’t it? The separation between ordinary people and our government is just staggering right now and that’s a good thing. Very few people are believing they have our best interests at heart.


    • Mike

      They will never have our best interests at Heart… there was a time when we had a Brilliantly Constructed Governing Paradigm that took that fact into account.


      • insanitybytes22

        I know they’ll never have our best interests at heart, but the last few years it seems like we stumbled into a vortex where people started believing in some kind of benevolent government that should be empowered to save us all from ourselves. I have no idea what happened, but it’s been creepy. The sooner we shake it off and start using our critical thinking skills again, the happier I’ll be.


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