Treaties Now Mean Nothing.

In his speech this morning to West Point Graduates, President Obama redefined United States policy regarding Defense Treaties.

The new, official, stance is “All bets are off. Good Luck.”

Now we have confirmation of what we all thought to be the new, far more progressive, policy.

I trust the Diplomatic Corp… Corpse-men and Corpse-women… were listening.

Not only have We demonstrated that We will leave you on your own in the middle of nowhere Africa to become victims of a purely random collection of disgruntled  internet movie watchers, we’re also going to make it official with Nation States that our promises to aid in their defense will be… be… “re-evaluated” based on how we feel at any given moment.

The President stated “We Must Lead in the World…” and what better way to lead than to be inconsistent by design.  It’s what Leadership is made of.

But what would one expect?  Socialists have had a Long, Sordid, Love Affair with Subjectivity.


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