Edward Who?

It struck me after only a few minutes of Watching Brian Williams in a Moscow meeting room that I just don’t care about Edward Snowden.

I really don’t.

I thought to myself “What if this guy were to come back to the U.S.?” and “What if this guy has spilled secrets to Russia?” and “What if a Giant Sexually Frustrated Purple Rhinoceros charged into the room and Raped this Guy?” with all the same answer of “So What?”

Even if the Rhino raped Snowden I don’t think I would have cared.

In the End,

It’s not about Snowden… it has always been about a Government that has become too powerful and unchecked.

It is about Privacy… Liberty… and Freedom of the Individual.

Your Freedom is directly correlated with your ability to remain anonymous.


So I have to believe this is all Political Theater!

(I’m being funny for those of you who follow along with my nonsense.)

Snowden did us all a service. But he is neither a Hero nor a Traitor. He’s just some dude who did what he thought was right.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if our Government was Full of people like that? People that did what they thought was right in terms of preserving our Freedoms and Liberties by making sure the very place they worked remained constrained and in check at all times?  Wouldn’t it be comforting if those in charge of keeping us safe spent more time protecting Us from our Government than protecting our Government from Us?

I know… I’m Drunk. The stupid Rhinoceros keeps making do shots… for some reason… It feels like he’s sitting too close…


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3 responses to “Edward Who?

  • Rattlesnake

    I don’t know… I think there should be some kind of protection for whistleblowers. How the US government treats Snowden will set a precedent for future whistleblowers. I don’t criticize him for fleeing to Russia, even if it worse than the US in almost every respect, because it was for his own survival. Maybe it reveals where his loyalties are, but that doesn’t matter right now; his actions are all that matter.


    • Rattlesnake

      Right after I posted that comment I realized that I vaguely remembered hearing about legal protections for whistleblowers, and it turns out there is. But that doesn’t seem to matter; here we have a whistleblower that made public egregious abuses of power and he is going to be prosecuted for it if the US gets custody of him. Which is probably going to deter future whistleblowers.


      • Mike

        There were rumors in certain circles that he would have turned up… face down… in a creek… in Rock Creek Park.
        I’m still not completely convince this isn’t the greatest coin op ever executed. The Russians have taken it seriously enough to go back to typewriters… brilliant.


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