Sanity Outbreak: Swiss Voters Overwhelmingly Reject World’s Highest Minimum Wage

Half right. The Swiss refuse a National Minimum Wage. The Swiss were not just refusing to raise the Minimum Wage, they were refusing to Establish a Minimum Wage.  The entire concept was defeated!

So it’s only their tax structure remains oppressive. But even Broken Socialists can be economically correct twice a day… or may be just once in a rare while.

I like Switzerland, let’s hope they find their way on taxes… and Socialism.

pundit from another planet


Geneva (AFP) – Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a proposal to introduce the world’s highest minimum wage, which would have guaranteed every worker in one of the world’s priciest nations at least $25 an hour.

…the initiative flopped as voters heeded warnings from government and other opponents that it would deal a death blow to many businesses and would weaken Switzerland’s healthy economy…

A proposal to introduce a minimum wage so high it could pass for mid-management pay elsewhere, was rejected by 76,3 percent of Swiss voters.

…Swiss voters also overwhelmingly voted in favour of harsh laws against convicted paedophiles, with 63.5 percent supporting a lifelong ban on them working with children, regardless of the gravity or nature of their crime.

A series of referendums in Switzerland also saw voters nix a multi-billion-dollar deal to buy fighter jets from Sweden and massively support a lifelong ban on convicted paedophiles working…

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