Why is Benghazi Different?

What is it about Benghazi that elevates it above all other scandals perpetuated by the current Administration?

Nancy Pelosi is desperately attempting to cast the upcoming Benghazi hearing as “partisan and unfair”.


Washington is designed to be partisan… and that’s good.

Nothing is Fair… and that’s reality.

But the question remains, what’s different about the Murder of a Diplomat and 4 security personnel that move’s Benghazi ahead of Up-Arming Mexican Drug Cartels with taxpayer money or using the IRS as a Weapon to destroy those with whom you disagree?

The answer is simple, yet unspoken.

The Administration, in its efforts to make sure President Obama would be re-elected, left a State Department employee and 4 Intelligence Service Employees to Die.

In other words, The Administration and Liberal Party Loyalists have pissed off the entire Foreign Service Community.

The Foreign Service Community is not Party specific. In fact, it is my experience that a majority of those who serve overtly, and covertly, in that community consider themselves “liberal” in the non-classic way.

Thus, Benghazi is significant and ultimately immune from the inane demagoguery of Progressives like Pelosi because the idea the Government, under any Administration, would leave men behind undermines the very foundation of what keeps our brave intelligence community serving our interests.

It’s one thing for an agent to voluntarily take an assignment knowing they could be “on their own”… it’s something vastly different to be abandoned in the field.

Benghazi illustrates the Cavalier attitude Liberals have when it comes to Individual lives versus the “Big Picture” of their Socialist goals.  It is a disease demonstrated by Marxists throughout history.  The Ends Justify the Means.  And the End is Democratic Socialism.

The Re-election of a Progressive President outweighed the lives of our Foreign Intelligence Service.

The lies fabricated to cover up the fact that the Men and Women in Benghazi had been under repeated, and organized, attack prior to the September 11th assault only demonstrated the lengths Democratic Socialists will go to secure and retain power.  Truth and Life will not get in their way.  Ever.

The power to tell others what to do will always attract the worst among us.

That fact is what molded our system of Government as it is outlined in the Constitution of the United States.

That fact is what drives The Democratic Party to Demean, Dismantle and Destroy the Constitution of the United States.

That fact led to the deaths of our personnel in Benghazi.

“We” left them to Die.

“We” knew it from the moment it happened.

“We” watched Leftists Politicians cover it up.

And, Our Clandestine Services are Understandably Angry.

Neither Pelosi, Reid, Hillary or Lame Duck Presidents will be allowed to distract from the fact we stood by and watched men die.  The makers and keepers of secrets, who risk their lives everyday in doing so, will not allow it.  Someone will pay.

That’s why Benghazi is Different.


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7 responses to “Why is Benghazi Different?

  • david

    “The re-election of a Progressive President outweighed the lives of our foreign intelligence service.”

    This is the truth that should be shouted from the highest mountain. This is the truth that Americans should know about the leadership that THEY ELECTED.


  • ZombieSymmetry

    I’m not familiar with all the intricate details of Benghazi, but I’m not really convinced that “the Cavalier attitude Liberals have when it comes to Individual lives versus the “Big Picture”” is necessarily limited to liberal administrations. It seems to me you can find similar examples of lousy judgement and a cavalier attitude toward individual lives in any administration. How would you compare this scandal to Dick Cheney outing Valarie Plame, for example. Or G.W. pushing that whole WMD nonsense as an excuse to enter Iraq?


    • Mike

      While I agree that Socialism is alive and well on both sides of the aisle…
      Cheney didn’t out Valerie Plame, Richard Armitage did… but that didn’t fit the “Hate Cheney” meme.
      And, Saddam Hussein personally said he had Weapons of mass destruction and would use them. We believed him as did 5 separate Intelligence agencies around the world did. We voted (Democrats and Republicans) on the War in Iraq with ALL but Bernie Sanders voting in Favor given all the information available to us. Weapons of Mass Destruction were indeed found in Iraq… but the press decided they were “too old” to count. And finally Saddam used Weapons of Mass Destruction in his War with Iran in 80’s.

      You need to question everything you think you know… especially when it comes from those you think are trustworthy. Don’t let your cynicism stop because you feel like you agree with the persons making certain assertions.

      In the End Bush was guilty of one thing when it came to Iraq… not saying the War was indeed for Oil and it’s free flow across the world. I will not forgive him for that. There could be no better reason to go to War, but he let his political opposition and those who lack the ability to Reason control the argument. It was shameful.

      I will also offer the very same Cavalier attitude was exhibited towards the lives of Individuals, Mexican and American, when the Administration sent thousands of “Assault” Rifles into Mexico for use by Mexican Drug Cartels in the hopes of bolstering an argument for new restrictions on the Second Amendment and Domestic Gun Ownership.

      It was the same Cavalier attitude demonstrated towards your right to be secure in your Property when the IRS was used to destroy Individuals financial well begin and ability to take care of themselves and their families because they didn’t support the Socialist Ideology of the Administration.

      And it IS the Cavalier attitude towards your right to Privacy BEING exhibited by this current Administration which allows the NSA to collect, review and store everything you do electronically from online purchases and web surfing to phone call, e-mail and text messages.

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      • ZombieSymmetry

        But come on … did YOU ever personally believe the whole WMD bit? Yeah, all the politicians got behind Bush on it, but it’s not like there wasn’t a hell of a campaign going on to sell the thing. Politicians on both sides just caved because (a) they didn’t want to risk not being reelected if they were wrong, and (b) they could later claim it wasn’t their idea. And it wasn’t just the press deciding the few WMDs that existed were too old to count … you could tell just from the translations of the recordings that Colin Powell trumpeted about. The best recordings he had ran along the lines of, “Oh crap! I think we may have one of those!” … “Get rid of it!” I don’t recall anybody discussing their shiny new “mobile WMD lab.” It was weak, and the politicians and intelligence agencies that signed on would have also bought a time-share in Florida from Bush, were he also selling that.

        People complained when Sr. Bush turned the tanks around on the road from Kuwait to Baghdad. Turned out, the guy knew what he was doing.


        • Mike

          So Everybody was lying? Everybody? France, Russia, China, Germany, British and US Intelligence Services… Saddam Hussein, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Every Democrat Senator including Hillary, Every Republican Senator, Every Congressperson excluding Bernie Sanders? So… Everybody.

          Check your premises.

          Also, I suspect you don’t mean to imply that Liberals were displaying an attitude that politics should come before the respect for Human Life… that seems Cavalier at best.
          (I also think I made it clear that the War should have been “sold” as you put it on the basis that Saddam was attacking the life blood of the Free World. Because he was.)
          And finally, I believe history will see no “interlude” between the first Gulf War and the Second. We never left… the War never Ended.
          We were in Theater uninterrupted from George H.W. Bush through Obama today.

          Much of what your saying sounds like poorly thought out bullet points from Move On.org. (Both sides of the Socialist Aisle produce poorly thought out talking points… yours just sound familiar.)

          Again… don’t let your cynicism cease with those you think you agree with. First question what you believe to be true. There are no conspiracies… just truth waiting for you to find it. Very little is hidden or out of reach, which is why there are so many people trying to tell you what everything means versus suggesting you read it yourself. And, in the end, all of it is easy to find if you makeaneffort.

          To your last point… did he? How could any of us know that, right or wrong? Were you in the room when Schwarzkopf and Powell made that decision? If I recall the only argument was that the War could have been ended earlier. But who could prove that? In the end it has dragged on through four presidents…

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          • ZombieSymmetry

            Didn’t mean to hijack the conversation here … kind of feel guilty that I veered off topic into Iraq. “Lying,” is a rather strong word. But I do think that most politicians and most countries do what they feel is best for themselves, and seldom think long term, or beyond the next election.

            Politicians don’t care about the truth. They care about their own power and careers, and they’ll get behind other politicians crazy ideas if there is something in it for them. “You support my crazy thing, and I’ll support yours,” sort of.


            • Mike

              You’re fine… we promote hijacking here.
              Politicians typically do not care about the truth, which is why we must hold ALL of them suspect. Particularly those we vote for. Actions over words, substance over symbolism.
              Be a Cynic, doubt yourself and constantly check your premises. But, always do your own homework.
              We can pick this up on another post… TBC

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