Alec Baldwin and Infinite Monkeys

A Couple of Days ago Alec Baldwin was Arrested heading uptown on 5th Avenue riding a Bicycle.

Apparently doubling down on the ridiculous visual image he was providing those witnessing Alec Baldwin on a bicycle… Mr. Baldwin made the statement New York City is a “Mismanaged Carnival of Stupidity…”.

While Mr. Baldwin’s Personal Life could certainly fit under the above description, it is a genuinely apt label for New York City.

But the interesting outcome of this collar is,

the demonstration that an Infinite Number of Monkeys on typewriters would eventually tap out a Complete work of Shakespeare.

In other words, just like the Many Monkeys, Mr. Baldwin has no idea how right he is.

He said it out loud… but fails to comprehend the meaning.

New York is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity exactly because of people like Alec Baldwin.

The same people who Mr. Baldwin would consider his Ideological Compatriots are busy at work on the rest of the United States.

By the way Alec, it has always been illegal to ride a bike the wrong way on a one way street… in the Flatiron or not.

But your special…

The kind of special that requires a bicycle helmet.

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