The DESFM Diet

Following is part of a series of Diet and Supplemental Cookbooks to aid those of us who need it most.

All Free of Charge.

You’re Welcome.

This Series will begin with:

The DESFM Diet.

DESFM is time-tested, Scientifically Proven and 100% Guaranteed to work… or your money back.

It is an incredibly simple two-step system designed to have the least impact regarding changes to what you eat.

Grab a pen. Make sure you’re sitting down… this is powerful stuff.  Remember, “Diet” simply means what an individual consumes.  “Diet” does not imply “temporary”.  It is what, and how, you are eating right now.  If you’re a fat guy like me, then your “diet” is potato chips and m&m’s washed down with a tall cold glass of milk.  Got it?  But I’m about to share the secret on how to change that!



Step 1.) Don’t Eat So F*cking Much.
Step 2.) Repeat step one.

Occasionally people have a difficult time with DESFM as they lack the discipline to follow the rules.

So, Tomorrow we’ll present you the free supplement to the DESFM diet; The All you can eat One Ingredient Cookbook!

If you haven’t already, be sure to explore the benefits of the Bourbon Diet.

Cheers, I’m off to apply the Bourbon Diet right now!


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4 responses to “The DESFM Diet

  • Adam

    Just saw this yesterday…Gweneth Paltrow is releasing an ingredient-FREE cookbook. Damn…


  • danmillerinpanama

    My Rum diet is very similar to your Bourbon diet. Indeed, it is identical except that it uses Rum.

    Exercise is very important when following any diet. The best I have read or heard about is as follows:

    1. Place both palms firmly on dining table top;
    2. Verify that both feet are solidly on floor in front of you;
    3. Push down on palms and feet to lift as much body weight as necessary from chair; and
    4. Using both hands and feet, push chair back from table;
    5. Tilt body forward sufficiently to stand up, turn away from table and walk to a place where neither the table nor stuff on it can be seen or smelled.
    6. Dash outside and yell, “I did it!”

    Both have worked very well, as best I know, for all who have tried them — diligently and honestly, of course.


    • Mike

      Excellent additional information. Thank you Dan. That is just the type of testimonial the regular folks need to see them through this endeavor. In regard to the Rum Diet, I expect those types of “regional” variations… but as you point out, they all work if applied dilligently.


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