The U.S. Senate Needs a Raise!

Darn it, those folks over in the Senate deserve a Raise!

They all work awful hard and We the People just don’t send them enough of our Money.

I willing to bet you need a raise too… so you can understand why They should get one.

But I think a there should be a deal between us, the U.S.Taxpayers, and the fine, honest, integrity filled Senators.

We will give them a Raise, albeit a small one, but a new dress code must go into effect immediately.

They must all dress as Clowns.

I’m willing to be flexible… they can pick any period, or class, they wish.  From Circus to Mime, Rodeo to UN Member.  Just as long as They’re dressed like Clowns at ALL times while Representing the Voters of their State.  (Which is really all the time… even when they’re asleep.)

Seems Fair.

Also truthful…

As Well as worth the price of a conservative wage increase.  I say that because the only thing we have been paying them to do is destroy Capitalism and Individual Freedom.  I just want something worthwhile in return this time.

I mean, it’s not like it’s Unprecedented.  The Brits do it to their Judges.  If you’ve never been to the Old Bailey it’s a must see.

Bloody Brilliant if you ask me!

Except I would mandate Face Paint…


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