They’re Good Eatin’, just Really Hard to Clean

A Military Drone Crashes at an Elementary School and was then run over by a Car.

Just like Snipe… hunting Drones is a difficult task.  It takes a keen tracking sense, patience, perseverance, a bag and two sticks to bang together. But the payoff is Big!  Nothing says Dinner is Served better than Roasted Drone on the Dining Room table.  And the Licenses are cheap!

Seriously Though,

This story has me reconsidering the renewal of my membership in the “There Oughtta be a Law” Club.

It seems clear to me there needs to be Drone Free Zones above every School in the Nation.

The Zones would begin at the property’s surface and extend directly up into infinite space.

This is the only way to ensure the safety of our most precious asset… the children.

We are lucky to have escaped the loss of a young life… this time.

But can we afford not to immediately act in defense of those too young to defend themselves?

I think not.

So legislation should be introduced Today that Mandates every Elementary School, Every Middle School, Every High School, Every College and University, Every Tech School, Every Beauty School and Every School of Fish should be a Drone Free Zone.  These Killing Machines have no place within the sacred confines of Learning.

We Must Do Something!

We cannot afford to Wait!

The Risk is too Great!

There needs to be a Law!

(If we get too much push back on this we could always try outlawing Drone Operators.  If that doesn’t get any traction in the focus groups we could try propellers…)

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