Everything We told you Would Happen with Obama Care…

…is Happening.

We told you They were Lying about you getting to Keep Your Insurance Plan while you still had a chance…

You Lost It. And if you haven’t yet, you will.

We told you They were Lying about you getting to Keep Your Doctor while you still had a chance…

You Lost Them Too. And if you haven’t yet, you will.

We told you They Were Lying about all of it getting Cheaper while you still had a chance…

It Hasn’t. And It Won’t, Ever.

We’re Telling you All of This wasn’t about Healthcare while you still have a chance…

Because It’s Not.  It’s about Control.  It’s about a Progressive Socialist Dream.  It’s about destroying the Free Market System that was the Foundation of the Finest Health Care in the World.

And You’re Finding out.

Isn’t it time you starting thinking about who you really believe?

Or are you so Addicted to People Who tell you the World is Going to End every 10 years because you Drive an SUV that you just can’t find your Way to the Truth?  (It could be that you’re so absent critical thinking that you believe Corporations are Bad but Government is Good… as opposed to knowing that Both are Bad with Government being Worse because it can apply Force to make you do what they want.  You are taught to forget that Government is made up of the same people Corporations are… just as fallible and just as capable of evil.  You are taught to be cynical only of Business… and never of Government.  As every Mass Evil Committed on Earth has demonstrated, Only those humans in Government have the power of Force without you having any recourse..  To keep this simple and stated in an easy way to understand, You can always Sue Google but not the DMV.  Do you really want the DMV in charge of Your Health?  Because that’s where your vote has taken us.)

The “Fix” to Obama Care is returning to the System as it was just a few short months ago…

When you Had all the Things Above… Before The Liars in Government Took Them All Away and Told You how it’s All Working Perfectly.

So America, what will it take?

What will it take for you to reconsider your politics?

It’s time to Take Responsibility for your Vote.

If you voted for this, then it’s your fault.

Accept it like an adult, and change your behavior.

Your Options are limited:

Keep voting for it, then be Honest and make sure your friends who are losing everything they had; Their Plan, Their Doctor, Their Hospital and Their Money, know you’re doing it to them

Change the way you vote and help get us back to where we can address the very Few short-comings our system had before this debacle…

Or, just don’t vote and let the rest of us do the heavy lifting…



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6 responses to “Everything We told you Would Happen with Obama Care…

  • twistnpout

    I have yet to personally talk to one single person who is for or against “Obamacare”. Even when I bring it up to people who work in healthcare they seem to have nothing to say good or bad about it. I just get a shoulder shrug and a “we’ll see”. All I see are Facebook memes touting the evils of it or the blessings of it – then there is the two sided debate – it is evil / it is good. Never have i been able to get one person give me specifics on how it has hurt or helped them. Sure, I hear the individual stories on the “news”, but I want to talk to a person about it myself. Our family, is not yet affected by it, being retired military we have healthcare (so far). I will say though, the two goods I see with it so far is 1 – extending the age for a “child’ to be covered (which I know is something you aren’t crazy about )and 2- preexisting conditions can not be held against you. Though I am not entirely sure all the credit for those can be given directly to Obama.

    My son was diagnosed with kidney disease a couple of years ago, knowing he would not be covered under our insurance much longer, I started to research insurance options for him. I was very concerned to find out anything associated with the kidney disease – from high blood pressure to full on kidney failure would not likely be covered. (to some degree, depending on the insurance company) He is a young, otherwise healthy kid,(not on dialysis) but he NEEDS insurance and could never afford it on his own, nor would his preexisting condition enabled him to get the specific type of care he needed – without exorbitant costs unaffordable to a kid just going into the world on his own. So, needless to say, I am relieved that at least for a while longer, he is covered under our insurance and will have access to the care he needs.

    Mike, you are constantly referring to our healthcare system as the “finest healthcare system on the planet”. (pre ACA of course ) Can you give a few reasons for this? Not that I am knocking our system entirely, I know we have great medical schools and such, some world class medical institutions, access to the best technology but for the average person, what about the actual care and coverage made it so fantastic?



    • Mike

      I had a super long reply…

      I just erased it.

      We were great because of all the things you just listed. All of the other countries in the World relied on our ingenuity and medical advances. They relied on our training. The Canadians even rely on our access when they get in real trouble like needing MRI’s, PET scans Cancer treatment, etc.

      I’ll report something for you and save some space. But it will give you more solids to check out.


    • Mike

      These “discussions” are often easier when they’re “discussions”. This format is always difficult. I always feel like I have so much to say but it seems like I’m dodging stuff. I Hate that. Sorry Pout… don’t stop challenging me. I keep trying to pick at least a single point to explain my insanity.


    • Mike

      May be I can figure out how to reply without a massive ideological missive.

      Let’s try this….

      What is it about the actual Care and Coverage that made it necessary to Dismantle the entire System and remove Choice from the Individual?


      • twistnpout

        Well, that is true. I am just so surprised everyone is so against having to have medical care when so many were complaining and moaning they couldn’t get it. I agree, we need to operate with more common sense, fix the bad parts and keep the good. It is always all or nothing when the government gets involved with anything… Thank you for sparing me the ideological missive 🙂 On your last comment though – no I am not looking for support on what I already know about about our medical system (technology, education….) I mean real access to day to day care by average people, perhaps you can sure a personal experience without getting too personal.

        When we lived in Singapore, we had to pay out of pocket for medical, unless it was a life threatening emergency. i’d call a local doctor, go see him, be seen within 15 or 20 minutes, get needed labs or meds right there in the office. All for about $45.00. Pretty easy and affordable, at least for us. And good care too. Specialists were more expensive, I did pay 200.00 to a dermatologist, that included two office visits and medication which was filled in the clinic. A little pricey I thought, but I think would cost more here.


        • Mike

          Exactly… you can actually pay cash here now. All you have to do is tell the Doc up front that you intend to pay cash and ask what the price would be. I have personally paid 30% of the “typical” price for a reasonably big procedure just last year. We are just not trained to look at it that way. We have been programmed that you use your insurance, and we think it’s cheaper because it’s not immediately out of pocket… it’s out of pocket over the course of the year. We also never count the money’s paid by our employer as part of our compensation… we seem to think it magically appears. It’s all very interesting. There are some out there who argue the Employers offering Insurance benefits was the beginning of the end, just like payroll tax deductions and deductions from your paycheck for income tax. There are statements from the original discussions of these programs recognizing that direct deductions were a better way to deal with getting the money as the resistance and attention from the public are greatly reduced.

          What will happen once they have completed the conversion to Single Payer Government Run Health Care what is called boutique medicine will be what “The Rich” will use. The best Doctors will practice for cash only… which will create an even larger division between the socio-economic classes than we have now.

          I don’t like sharing personal examples because I’m weird. But I will tell you that I have two Docs as partners in one of my businesses. We have in depth conversations about Obama Care regularly. One of them was… was a flag waving Champion of the idea. The other not so much, but unlike me his argument was based on reimbursement for care and limited access due to the idea in the minds of the folks that it was “free”. I’ll defer to him on that.

          The examples nationwide will be forthcoming with greater frequency as this moves forward. You won’t need me giving you anecdotes. Just make sure you’re exposing yourself to a diverse set of opinions and not just NPR.

          Try out the BBC America, ABC, FOX and a business channel or two. (FOX is really, sadly, the only opposing opinion I can find in most cases. But not including it is doing yourself a disservice… doesn’t mean you have to agree with them.)


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