Obama Care is Amazing!

We Demand Full Implementation of this Life Saving Health Care Overhaul!

Nothing Less Than Full Implementation!  ALL of IT!

You Told US We NEED it, and We Agree!

We Want Our Obama Care!

So Why The Delays?

The Affordable Care Act was to Revolutionize the Health Care System and Usher in Fairness for All.

It’s Going to Teach Big Insurance a Lesson!

So Why Exactly is The Obama Administration Unilaterally Delaying it?

There are People Out There Who Want This!
Some are Screaming for Your Help!
Young People Clearly See The Upside to Getting Insured!

So Why Delay it?

It Will Lower Your Health Care Premiums!
It Will Lower Your Insurance Deductibles!
It Will Save the Your Family $2500 a Year!

So Why Delay it?

It the Right Thing to Do!
It’s so Important We Didn’t Have Time to Read It Before Passing It!
The American People Will Thank Us Once It’s Goes Into Effect!

So Why Delay it?

If What Harry Reid Said, That all those saying they are having trouble with this Government Controlled Health Care Insurance Scheme are Liars, then What’s the Hold Up?

Why won’t the President put in Place What He and His Party said You Deserved?

Obama Care…. Demand It!  All of It!  It’s Only Fair!


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