Raise the Minimum Wage!

Cause Prices to Increase exponentially Up and Down the supply Chain!

Make Everything a Minimum Wage Employee Needs to Live like Housing, Food and Gas More Expensive!

Cause Large Employers paying Minimum Wage to Not Hire New Workers!

Cause Small Employers paying Minimum Wage to Go Out of Business!

Increase Overall Unemployment!

Increase the Welfare Rolls paid for with Money None of Us Have!

Initiate Cries from Economically Challenged Liberals for a New Even Larger Minimum Wage Increase!

Re-Elect the Above Liberals.

Repeat… Repeat… Repeat…

It’s only Fair.  A person just can’t support Themselves, Their Kids, Their Grand Kids and Their Great Grand Kids on Minimum Wage.

That is True.

So Reason must be Abandoned and the Principle of Substitution must be Ignored.


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2 responses to “Raise the Minimum Wage!

  • David

    At what point do they forget what they know? Or do they just stop caring? Or does the absolute Vortex of power corrupt the memory center of the brain? How can all of them not care about what is taught in the very basic economics course?

    no really!


    • Mike

      If you’re stupidity is reinforced with Congressional and Senatorial pay (with pension) why would you do anything to correct your ignorance… unless you Do know and Choose to behave accordingly, which some might interpret as Sinister.
      If you’re the electorate who votes for these people… think about how sad your life must be to believe everyone else is smarter than you in all things, so much so that you fall for this self-destructive manipulation by those you vote for time and time again.


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