The John Roberts Dart Board

Without a doubt there is a fine Hog Bristle Dart Board bearing Chief Justice John Robert’s Face hung in the West Wing.

We discussed this a couple of years ago immediately following Robert’s deciding vote forcing the ACA to be considered a Tax if the Liberals were to move Forward! in enforcing it.

ref:  The Benevolent Arsonist

To refresh, the Democrats had tried arguing that Obama Care (Affordable Care Act) was both a tax and Constitutional under the Commerce Clause.  It was an attempt to be too clever by half.  It was crafted to put the judges in a position that the Act was Constitutional under one scenario and not the other… A Hobson’s Choice of sorts with Approval being the outcome.  Or better yet, a Trap for Fools.

The Supremes didn’t do that.  What they Did do was determined that the Commerce Clause did Not empower the Leftist’s to enforce the ACA.

So… it’s ASSUMED to be legal as a Tax… but no decision was offered regarding the Constitutionality of the ACA being a Tax.

Here we are today.

The Administration is faced with having to delay, delay, delay.


Because the moment someone is taxed under the provisions of Obama Care they have been Harmed!  Harmed!

And when you’re Harmed, you can file suit.

Once the suits are filed they will be on their way to the Supreme Court for the Decision that was not addressed previously.  Is Obama Care Constitutional as a Tax?

The Administration knows it is Not.  We know it is Not.  Everybody knows it is Not… but you’ll still hear devote Progressives Profess it is.

Thus the only tactic the Liberals have is to continue trying to delay the mandates and penalties (taxes) associated with the destruction of the finest Health Care System in the World by this Leftist Scheme known as Obama Care.

I suspect the John Roberts Dart Board is FULL of Darts… and all other sorts of sharp thingies.


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6 responses to “The John Roberts Dart Board

  • xPraetorius

    Glad I found this one, Mike! This is a great point, and one that had slipped by my steely gaze back in February.

    Obamacare: a trap wrapped in a pitfall, inside a scam, surrounded by a power grab, folded into a massive tax increase, enclosed in a pack of lies, contained in a fraud, buried in corruption, embedded in deceit, implanted in fabrication… to paraphrase Churchill a bit.

    Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

    Btw, whatever happened to the challenge based on the “you must get your insurance from the states” thing? It just kind of went away as a news story, and my group and I were preoccupied with other things.


    — x


  • david

    My wife and I had a couples policy through Presbyterian that cost us 350.00 per month. That is until that policy was cancelled on us because it did not force us to cover other peoples birth control medication and Pap Smears. Our new policy (that meets the absurd new requirements) costs us $550.00 per month with three times the deductible.

    Have we not been HARMED?


    • Mike

      The Liberals will tell you that it is BIG INSURANCE who is screwing you… since they have left the policies, ordered by the Obama Care law, to the Insurance Agencies to craft. Kinda sick right? The Harm required must be DIRECT from the Government, and they know this. Originally this was all designed to lay blame for all bad things at the feet of “Big” Insurance, but they have been unable, to date, to make the American People fall in line. Quite the opposite in fact. “We The People” apparently are not falling for it.


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