Capitalism is Boring

…was what I read scrawled on a wall just outside of Trinity College several years ago.  And I remember my first thought distinctly, it was “Yes… but it works.”

If you think about it, for those who like to plan and orchestrate others, Capitalism IS boring.  Capitalism simply does not need their help.

But I’m not sure that is what the chalk author meant.  I think the implication was command economies were not only more fun for people like him, but also by extension he was smarter because that’s how he viewed himself as exhibited by his feeling entitled to scribble in large letters across a wall of beautiful Oxford.  It might have been easier to understand, if not a little heavy-handed, had he written “I’m smart and if you don’t get it then you’re not.”

This is the problem with all the other alternatives to Free-Market Capitalism.  They’ve all been tried, repeatedly, and all have failed.  (Or are currently failing before our eyes.)  Yet they continue to attract those among us who view themselves as smarter, brighter or simply more capable than those surrounding them.  The rest of us seem satisfied working within the system that doesn’t need our attention.  Our lives are big enough… and we don’t have a need to control the actions of others.

But that’s the irony.  The very system of voluntary trade and individual liberty ends up being “protected” by those who see it as an encumbrance to their Progressive ideas.

I guess my point here is we are doomed to fight the Elitist class and their drive to control all things all the time…. forever.

This Ego propelled Denial of the Statist failures littering history will not go away, regardless of how often those failures are demonstrated.

Those of us wishing to be free and wishing that same Freedom for our children, and their children, are the ones in need of learning a lesson.  The lesson is one we don’t want to learn.  The lesson is that our fight to be Free will be eternal.  For the few Liberals who read this site, that means a long time.

Humans who are driven to control other humans are being born this very second.  There will be no escaping them.  All we will ever be able to do is restrict their ability to coerce.  We must restrict their ability to coerce.

The perfect instrument for limiting the power of these types of humans already exists.  We simply need to use it.

The Constitution of the United States is a miracle.  It’s time to return to it.

As a Nation, It’s time to be Boring again.


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7 responses to “Capitalism is Boring

  • twistnpout

    Capitalism boring? I would think being told what to produce, what you can and can’t sell and how much you can sell – oh and how much you will turn over to the state, would be pretty boring. I think those opposed to capitalism might be some of the most uncreative types on the planet. And uncreative types bore me.


    • Mike

      I agree with you! But a couple of things. In England “boring” is more of an insult than it is over here. Additionally, Elitists only find entertainment in telling others what to do. Have you noticed that those who would tell you they know what’s best for you and wish to force you to do it have terribly managed lives of their own? It’s fascinating. But predictable from Elitist Ego driven Narcissists.


      • twistnpout

        Oh so true – I never realized that before – those who want to manage our lives do have poorly managed lives. Definitely something to think about. I think boring is a pretty big insult here – especially in our age of social media, everyone is out to prove their lives are so full and exciting – Every one wants to be a reality TV star. But I’m moving off topic – as usual.


  • jmsabbagh

    Socialism is Boring,Human trafficking is not boring,poverty is not boring,slavery is not boring.


  • david

    EGO. One of the seven deadly sins. Has never been so deadly (Bengazi). Like you say in this post, it will continue to Kill. (people, the dollar, jobs, the economy, our healthcare system, our way of life!)


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