I’ve had this all wrong…

I had convinced myself that the Leftist Media launched against Christie because he’s mean to them and they’d only been waiting for the opportunity to present itself. I also thought the Leftist Political Klass has been quietly disappointed that Christie is being roasted too early as he has yet to be made the Republican Nominee by Liberals crossing over in East Coast Open Primaries and voting for him the same way McCain was foisted upon us.


I have changed my mind.

It is clear to me that the fear of Christie is real and shared by a majority on the Left. I believe the Socialists really think Christie could beat Hillary. And the Left is worried.

Let me put it this way, in case any of you missed it, Hillary is a girl.  And that fact, although she has yet to produce a birth certificate, is going to be unspoken Issue #1 on her Campaign Platform.

Along the same lines, Chris Christie is Fat.  I know… it’s hard to tell, but he is.  And that fact will be unspoken issue #1 on his Campaign Barge.

Now, when your playing a game of victim cards whose do you think is higher?

The Girl Card?


The Fat Card?

In other words,  Do you think more people will identify with the victim status of being a Girl?  Or, do you think more people, wait… American’s, will identify with the Fat Guy?  Look at it this way, Girls make up 52% of the global population (a number of whom currently do not vote in U.S. Elections) and only a very small percentage of those feel like being a Girl makes them a victim of society.  While Fat American’s make up 88% of the population and every single one of them believe they are victimized on a daily basis by the other 12%.

Ask yourself this… if your greatest achievement is to have been born female, would you want to run against the Fat Guy?

Yeah, me neither.

I only wish being a Drunk made me a Victim.  I could be El Rey del Mundo!


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6 responses to “I’ve had this all wrong…

  • bluebird of bitterness

    It’s true that fat Americans are a bigger percentage of the voting population than female Americans are… but Hillary would be the first female president, at least as far as we know, and Christie would certainly NOT be the first fat president. Affirmative action voters (who, lest we forget, elected SCOAMF twice) are more interested in “making history” than they are other stuff.


    • Mike

      Ha! You’re assuming that the Government Educated voter has a knowledge of History! While I love your optimism I’m afraid I cannot share it.

      I would offer you that they have a knowledge of eating too much, and texting. However, While I might agree that the odds may favor Hillary, it is open for discussion if James Buchanan was not the first Female President. Keep in mind, Bill Clinton was the first African-American President…


      • bluebird of bitterness

        Yeah, and SCOAMF is the first gay president, at least according to Newsweek — so? In 2016 the MSM is gonna tell the sheep that if they don’t vote for Hilly May then they’re a bunch of sexists and misogynists and other nasty things that are too hard to spell.

        And where do you get off accusing me of optimism? I’ve been called a lot of things, but “optimistic” has never been one of them!


        • Mike

          I forgot about the Gay President thing! Yes.. yes.. yes..
          I had kind of hoped I would rile your feathers with the optimism comment. Perfect.
          You must comment more, for all of our sakes. You Missojonest.


  • david

    This is awesome. So in a country that’s creating victims by giving more and more handouts and entitlements, we are going to beat them by running a “bigger” victim.


    And so freakin’ sad!


  • thirdnews

    Yes, they do fear him but I think the roller-coaster politics have not even started; who knows who will be at the starting gate?


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