How can any President UNILATERALLY change a law?

Barack Obama has yet again changed the ACA by postponing the deadline for enrollment to Midnight Dec. 24th. 2013.

If Obama Care is “The Law of the Land”…

How can it be unilaterally changed by a sitting President?

Do we no longer have three branches of Government?

Why is the Press silent on this illegal Executive Branch behavior?

If a President can do this, then why can’t he simply get rid of the other two branches?  It would be a lot cheaper…

Would the Press be as quiet if, and when, it is a Republican President?  If there were ever an indictment of the Press this must surely be it.

But we, the people, are not off the hook…
Does the Constitution mean anything to you anymore? Did it ever? If so, what? And why?

Silence is agreement at least, acquiescence at best.

All of the exemptions… all the postponements… all of the subsidies… all of it… is illegal.

It is either a Law, or it is not.  In order to change it one must go through the process outlined in the Constitution of the United States.

We do not have a King.

Or do we?

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