On the Futility of Long-Range Numerical Climate Prediction

Extremely Important read from WUWT…

Watts Up With That?

Note: two events at AGU13 this morning dovetail in with this essay. The first, a slide from Dr. Judith Lean which says: “There are no operational forecasts of global climate change”.


The second was a tweet by Dr. Gavin Schmidt, attending Lenny Smith’s lecture (which I couldn’t due to needing to file a radio news report from the AGU press room) that said:

With those events in mind, this essay from Dr. William Gray (of hurricane forecasting fame) is prescient.

Guest essay by Dr. William M. Gray

My 60-year experience in meteorology has led me to develop a profound disrespect for the philosophy and science behind numerical climate modeling. The simulations that have been directed at determining the influence of a doubling of CO

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