Something’s happening here…

When I’m feeling particularly self-loathing, in need of punishment for my sins and about 4 beers into a six-pack I visit some of my “favorite” Leftist bloggers.  There are a select few I can stand that have a certain clarity in writing style while remaining profoundly misguided.  These latest forays have caused me to notice a trend.

There is something happening that they don’t like.  There is an overt lament regarding the desire of regular people (you/sheep) to learn about Capitalism.  In fact, it borders on fear.  You can always detect a Statists concern by what and who they choose to ridicule.  Capitalism and those who promote it are their current targets.  I love it.

What this means to me is that Leftists are coming to see that their effort to ignore Capitalism in the hopes that you will too is failing.  The see clearly that you are going out and consuming all of the education that was denied to you throughout your years of public school.  You know who Adam Smith is… you understand what the Austrian School of Economics was and who Hayak and Von Mises are.  And… most importantly, if you don’t you’re trying to find out.

The movement to educate yourselves is a huge victory to free markets and the individual freedom and liberty they maintain.  Apparently you recognize how the future of our country depends on it.

What is particularly interesting is that judging by many of the comments on these Leftist sites, you guys are also reading Marx and Engels… even a little Mao… and you see who the current Leftist leaders are.  Your efforts are creating very difficult situations for our homegrown Socialists.  Their replies to your challenges are typically weak at best and their frustration is palpable.  They often resort, more or less, to calling you stupid… when it is clear you are not.

It seems to me that there is an anti-socialist movement afoot.  More folks know who Milton Friedman is than Antonio Gramsci.  More people are reading Locke than Plato.  You know Burke, Sowell, Rand and Rothbard.  You listen to conservative icons regularly.  You understand what the Enlightenment was.  You read the U.S. Constitution!  It’s beautiful… and appropriate since this country is the worlds only experiment in bottom up government.

So, to all of you… keep up the good work!  Go out and continue to educate yourself knowing that at the very least you will annoy a Liberal.  Keep questioning ridiculous statements by simply asking the closest leftist to explain themselves.  Then follow-up when what they say doesn’t make sense and watch them sputter in anger at the challenge.

The screaming will get louder with every book you read and every challenge you make.  You are going to be called the most foul and evil things imaginable.  You will be a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, a murderer of the poor…  it has already started.  This is how you know they have nothing else.  Their regurgitated Socialist policies and their blatant attempt to destroy the U.S. Constitution demonstrate their failures… that’s without looking at  world history for myriad additional examples of the oppression, destruction and death these Elitists leave in their wake.

You are listening to their words… and watching their actions.

Make no mistake… they know this.  They see this.  And they are scared they will lose 75 years of “progress” because of it.

The battle lines have been drawn… and it’s your efforts as individuals that frighten them the most.  Bravo!

Here’s to you!  Cheers!

(Originally Posted 022812)

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