Why Virginia was Important

It’s Fascinating to hear Establishment Republicans rail when the base finds disfavor with their Candidate and chooses not to support him or her.

But what’s better is when the very same Establishment Republicans turn their backs on a Candidate that they feel does not represent them. The Hypocrisy is thick.

However, it becomes appalling when the Socialist Light Republicans at the Republican National Committee do it to the Candidate for Governor in an Incredibly Important Swing State like Virginia… but wait… it gets worse… they turn their collective backs on the Candidate that stands the strongest chance to beat Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton operative Hillary needs in order to deliver Virginia to her come 2016.

Make no mistake, this is why Democrat Bundlers were paying a Libertarian Candidate to run against Ken Cuccinelli.

And in regard to the Establishment RINO’s involvement in making sure Hillary get’s Virginia in her column, there can be no doubt given Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) former Chief of Staff was assisting Terry McAuliffe’s (D-Hack) Campaign win a victory over his Republican Rival Ken Cuccinelli.  Add to that the RNC “making the hard choice” of spending 1/3 of the investment made for a Republican Candidate in Virginia during the last cycle according to Kirstin Kukowski who is the spokesperson for the RNC.

If there is any hesitation remaining in terms of pushing out the Leftist wing of the Republican Party there shouldn’t be.  If there is any doubt that RINO’s exist… there REALLY shouldn’t be.

So where to begin?

Stop giving money to the RNC and give it directly to the Candidate’s who need it most… like Ken Cuccinelli needed it in Virginia.  I know this would require your paying attention… consider it a patriotic duty.  Consider it a Responsibility.  Consider it whatever you want… just makeaneffort to do so.  Also, start your own “get out the vote” campaign.  Pay attention to election dates and call your like minded friends and tell them to vote… also have them call their like minded friends to do the same, etc. etc.

There are other organizations you can look to for advice, but remember they can all be corrupted by those Liberal Leaning types who say one thing yet do the other.  In other words, if you find one you like terrific!  Just don’t stop watching what they do.

We are all staring at Washington and wondering how the Democratic Socialists can be so brazen in their drive to remove the final vestiges of Freedom and Liberty of the Individual the founders gave us.

Keep in mind, when the Democrats own the Bureaucracy, find camaraderie with the Establishment Fascist element of the Republican Party and effectively own the Media… what’s left to wonder about.

Remember though, you win nothing when you give up.  And I, for one, intend to fight the good fight until the end.  But the end is closer than any of us ever thought possible.

So get up, get out and get going.

Oh yeah, keep a bottle of Scotch handy for events such as happened in Virginia.  You’ll need it when you realize it’s “us” doing it to ourselves.


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One response to “Why Virginia was Important

  • --Rick

    I think the closeness of the election demonstrates that the Republicans,. at least the small government wing of the party, have a great chance to pick up important Senate seats. I say the small government wings because Mr. Cuccinelli won the vast majority of anti-Obamacare voters, the majority of white voters, the majority of male voters, the majority of conservative religious voters, but yet, he lost, albeit by the narrowest of margins. What kept him in the race was Obamacare. What kept him from office is his affiliation with hard core religious rightists in the mold of Christine O’Donnell, Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Sharon Angle, and Sanctimonious Rick Santorum and others of that ilk.

    The reason I feel optimistic about the 2014 election is that this race and the Christie victory clearly demonstrate that small government – laissez faire capitalism advocates have a great chance of pulling victories from Senate Democrats in Red State who are now in panic mode over their support for Obamacare, and who are now trying to walk back their strident, partisan positions.

    It now becomes more than possible to shift the blame for the government shutdown over Obamacare on them. They only came to their epiphany after the real Obamacare that they all knew about reared its ugly head. Had they had this change of heart and desire to walk back their views with true courage a month ago, it becomes much more evident that we never would have had a government shutdown and that their party politics was more to blame than small government Republican principle.

    Christie won the vast majority of women voters over a woman candidate because he speaks to them from a fiscal standpoint and a social perspective on bread and butter issues, equity issues, and social awareness that their issues are different on many fronts than those issues that concern men. Cuccinelli, however, came across as the tired old, scary Republican of the far right from which those named above emanate and choose, instead, a tarred and corrupt dealer in Worldcom, Clinton politics, including Hillary’s one in a million win in the commodities market, and not least important, his role as a bag man for the DNC responsible for raising and distributing fund regardless of the means used to obtain them or the motives given in their distribution.

    Think about that! The people of Virginia choose a well documented political crook and money man to run their government over a man who is clearly honest, but fearful to women (a majority population in the state) and minorities due to his siding with xenophobic, homophobic and bigot groups from a variety of far right origin because McAuliffe was the least scary of the two candidates.

    If the candidates for these open seats keep the discussion on Obamacare, small government, free market economics and individual liberty as contrasted with the demand essential to collectives of every variety, including the religious right, that the individual self-immolate his legitimate wants, needs, desires and private and hard earned wealth to the needs and desires of others, they have a real chance at victory. Perhaps, a victory substantial enough to win a veto proof majority in both Houses if all goes perfectly.

    But, the odds of all going perfectly are pretty slim. The odds of all going well are also pretty slim as demonstrated by candidate Angle’s wacky positions and the support she garnered from the TEA party’s religious right extremists cost Republicans their once in a lifetime chance of bouncing the vile, altruistic and immoral pragmatist Harry Reid from the U.S. Senate. I suspect, that Ms. Angle has too many philosophical brothers and sisters in the woodwork who are looking for their opportunity to screw things up and keep tax and spend Democrats in power as opposed to supporting a victory for small government, a strong economy, a strong military, a more objective judiciary and a renewed focus on individual liberty and the dreams of our fathers.

    Well, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. 🙂


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