1969 : All Scientists Agreed That Earth Will Be Destroyed In The Year 2000

Rarely have scientists been as agreed about anything as they are that this must stop.

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One response to “1969 : All Scientists Agreed That Earth Will Be Destroyed In The Year 2000

  • thirdnews

    Paul R. Ehrlich said in “a 2004 interview, Ehrlich answered questions about the predictions he made in The Population Bomb. He acknowledged that some of what he had written had not “come to pass”, but reaffirmed his basic claim that “population growth was a major problem. Fifty-eight academies of science said that same thing in 1994, as did the world scientists’ warning to humanity in the same year. My view has become depressingly mainline!”, he said. Ehrlich also noted that 600 million people were very hungry, billions were under-nourished, and stated that his predictions about disease and climate change were essentially correct.”

    I didn’t know “essentially correct” is the scientific language for ‘dead wrong’. BTW, the 81-year-old as not seen fit to vacate his space in this overcrowded world


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