And so our national nightmare begins…

This would be incredibly funny if not so true…
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bluebird of bitterness

(The following appeared on Planet Moron on October 1, 2013.)

A foreboding gray sky greeted us here at Planet Moron headquarters early this morning, deep in the heart of the Washington DC metropolitan area. It was as if nature herself shared the anguish of the fate that was soon to befall us.

“Was this really happening?” we asked ourselves in a voice that was full of anguish and possibly a cinnamon Danish.

Were we really going to live through an entire day with only 80% of the federal government operating?

And yet, the unthinkable happened.

Clearly, there is serious business to be done. The nation’s finances are on an unsustainable course, we’re weeks away from breaching our debt ceiling, and the Affordable Care Act, already fiscally problematic, is off to a rocky start.

That is why our local representatives moved quickly in a fully bipartisan…

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