Well… The Democrats Shut the Government down.

President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) have decided that Forcing you into Socialized Medicine is worth Shutting Down the Government.

On the Bright Side…

May be all those Government Employees will find their way into the Private Sector.

Well, semi-bright.

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2 responses to “Well… The Democrats Shut the Government down.

  • Richard

    Why are we allowing these 2 year olds to run our country. We need the Supernanny to come in and put them all in a time -out.


    • Mike

      Someone like… Stalin?

      It’s supposed to be ugly. And, While it will be news to the Current Administration, one branch cannot simply make decisions. Yes the voters re-elected Obama, but they also re-elected a Republican Controlled House of Representatives. Both equally important to the process. Both hold the same weight in Governing. We don’t need to put them in time-out so much as we need to replace them with Folks who have read, understand and respect the Constitution of the United States. But that means replacing every Democrat and 80% of the Republicans… and then keeping a very close eye on the replacements.

      We are the Supernanny.


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