Charlie Wrangle Makes Fun of Ted Cruz for Loving his Children.

Representative Wrangle, during an interview with Neil Cavuto today (092513) at 4:11ET, decided to make fun of Ted Cruz because Senator Cruz Loves his children.

Senator Cruz, during his Filibuster of Obama Care and Harry Reid’s forecasted attempt to Shut Down the Government, read a bedtime story to his kids from the Senate Floor. Senator Cruz explained since he was not going to be able to be at home tonight he was going to read to his children as he usually does. It was a charming, and heart warming, task performed by loving Fathers World over… except apparently Charlie Wrangle.

It should be noted that at this typing I have not been able to reach Charlie Wrangle’s children to find out if he ever loved them enough to read them a bedtime story. But it is clear that Representative Wrangle finds Senator Cruz to be foolish for doing so.

As a reminder, Representative Wrangle is a member of the Democrat Party, a party that has spent countless opportunities to tell you that they care more about all Women and all Children than Senator Cruz’ party… and probably even more than you do.

Thank you for being honest Representative Wrangle. It is helpful.


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