Please Continue Devaluing the Dollar

Please keep taxing the American People in a way they cannot understand…

Please keep making their hard-earned savings worth less and less by adding more money to the money supply…

Please keep using terms like “Quantitative Easing” instead of “Printing Money” just to make sure everyday American’s never catch on…

Please keep doing what the Germans did to their economy before WWII… and Zimbabwe… and many others where greedy Socialists couldn’t keep their hands off the money supply…

Please keep thinking we are too stupid to understand what you are doing, let alone make decisions for ourselves…

Thank you for your devoted work.


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2 responses to “Please Continue Devaluing the Dollar

  • David

    If my comments seem schizophrenic it’s because I believe that we do see what they’re doing.

    Then I remember how we voted as a nation in the face of overwhelming evidence that our leaders were doing things that are bad for the country.

    Do “we” care or do “we” not care?


    • Mike

      Our system of government, as written, is designed to protect us from such people. Those people don’t like it… and want to re-write the system. But before they can get away with doing that they have decided to do whatever they want in order to soften the resistance. Once they convince the general public that there are no restraints provided by the Constitution, then changing it to fit their needs will be much easier.


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