On the High Heels of Diane Feinstein…

attempting to seize the authority to decide who is, and who is not, a journalist, comes this story;

China decides online criticism is “illegal”.

Could it be that Anita Dunn’s Admiration for Mao is shared by a certain Senator from California?

Why would the Senate want to “define” who is, and who is not a Journalist if they liked everything being said about them?  And, once defined, who is going to be in charge of enforcing said definition?  What will that enforcement look like?  What Constitutional foundation is such a measure justified with?  Why should this be tolerated by the American people?  Where is the “First Amendment Crowd” when it’s “their” guys, or gals, doing this type of thing?

Could it be that our Elected Representatives are having an increasingly difficult time shielding themselves from the “push back” from their constituencies?  Might it be that they receive opinions from all over the United States regarding their performance that is most irritating?  (This is a new refrain coming from many politicians over the last couple election cycles… but I would remind those who receive the worst of it, if you don’t like my opinion then stop trying to make everything a Federal Issue.)

In the end,

This is what one might call a distinction without a difference.

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