White House is Infested!

But vermin is nothing new in a building that is 213 years old–and roaches aren’t the worst of it.

The National Journal story goes on to outline the extent of the infestation problem.

But I challenge anyone to offer up a truer line ever typed…

I expect this will be the part 1 of a series of articles devoted to every building which makes up the White House Complex… and Congress… and the Courts…


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2 responses to “White House is Infested!

  • David

    They say that power corrupts and that it corrupts everyone. I believe that the type of people who have a need to inflict their opinion on others are attracted to these positions and that they’re CORRUPT ALREADY.


    • Mike

      I agree to an extent… the quote goes: Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts Absolutely. There are people out there who should be in office. There are people in office who should remain in office. We just need to identify those individuals. An easy rule of thumb is to watch the Broadcast Networks, Cable News and Comedy shows, to see who they hate… then vote for them.


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