Hannity is an Idiot!

(Update: Weiner was soundly defeated.)

Or is he?

For full disclosure, I’m not what one could consider a huge Hannity fan.

I don’t hate him, I don’t love him.

For me he’s the rice pilaf on the side of my opinion plate.  I might take a bite once in a while but most of the time I leave it untouched.

However, this morning Sean Hannity is receiving a hefty amount of grief after having Sydney Leathers on his show.

And it seems those most appalled feel he should have been extra mean to her. The lament goes like this: “How can a good Conservative have such a trollop on his show and be so nice?”

So Why would he do this?

Because giving Sydney Leathers a stage upon which to dance is…. Brilliant!

Simply having Ms. Leathers on air, visible and painfully vibrant, is exactly the antidote One needs for a Giant Weiner that won’t go away.

Sean does not have to condemn the 6’3″ Dick for anything… just let Ms. Leathers talk and the work is done.

Why is that all it takes?

Because the story is now one we are all familiar with due to having it shoved in our face, again, by the NYC Sext Maniac.

Being Nice to Sydney in a public forum kicks Carlos in his Cojones, repeatedly.

In the end, Miss Leathers has become a promotional manager for the Poster Child of “New Age Flasher’s” who would be mayor.

I bet Sean will continue doing New York a favor by having Sydney on several more times between now and the election, and being nice.  Assuming, of course, a new Sydney doesn’t present herself for all to see.

And don’t think for one second Hannity is the only one who knows how to handle Weiner….


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5 responses to “Hannity is an Idiot!

  • thirdnews

    Don’t ever forget man’s rule: it’s always money before politics

    AshleyMadison.com offered to buy up Rush Limbaugh’s advertizing during his Fluke/slut controversy, but he rejected a business “that help(s) people cheat on their spouses”.

    Since, Sean Hannity Hannity has interviewed/ mentioned the founder often and his website’s interview seems politically ecumenical rather than socially conservative:

    “Oh that’s like saying that the divorce attorney who’s advertising is facilitating a divorce.” Stuff like this is so seedy,” argued (S.E.) Cupp, “this is a cultural problem that’s reflecting the culture- Ashley Madison isn’t creating the culture they’re reflecting it.” Cupp’s point is a good one. Society should certainly not be supporting this website and it says a lot about America’s future that there’s a business here. There’s an argument for the freedom of speech but where’s the line where some freedom is too much?

    Does Hannity want to pursue capitalism over his stated politics? I read this article, and dismissed it at the time: https://mikestreetstation.wordpress.com/2013/07/24/the-sean-hannity-show-brought-to-you-by-ashley-madison/


    • Mike

      Not sure I understand the connection. I read the article and there is no “there, there”. Again, Hannity is not a go-to for me, but often illustrating the slouch to Gomorrah requires such antics. It is also a well known fact that the best way to generate an audience is to keep them upset. It makes great radio… everybody agreeing and getting along does not. (I know a bit about this)
      As far as ones right to not support Hannity, Madison or anyone else I agree whole heartedly. As Individuals we have a Natural Right to support those we wish and not to support those we wish. If one thinks Hannity is profiting from peddling filth, then don’t listen, switch him off… whatever.
      My point is only that to date the best way to pound Weiner is to keep giving the Sydney’s of the world a pole.


      • thirdnews

        I’m playing wait and see but if Hannity has a ‘product-placement’ deal -his credibility is shot.

        Sydney Leathers is old news; even 2/3 of NYC voters think Weiner is an embarrassment. The polls have already made your “So Why would he do this?” reply moot

        And yes I’m mean, convents make a gal bitchy


        • Mike


          Yes… but the election isn’t over. And considering Weiner is such a profound tally wacker it’s always good to keep those not living in New York aware of his Super Zero adventures. It’s also well known that 2/3 of New Yorkers vote in Florida Elections… so there must be influencers outside the state who travel back home for mayoral elections.
          Don’t underestimate Weiner. Senor Danger considers himself huge. His desire will not be limited to New York. Better to head him off now before he’s giving it to all of us on a National level.


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