Bad CEO’s

When the CEO runs your company into the ground,

When the only defense he gives are a couple of marginal successes in terms of overall growth in the direction he was originally hired to achieve,

When the state of your Company is now in shambles because it has strayed so far away from its original mission under his leadership,

When you finally FIRE HIM because the alternative is to destroy every visage of value left if you didn’t,

Do you continue to listen to him and do what he recommends?

Enter Karl Rove.

Mr. Rove penned an article today warning the GOP of a “Budget Trap“.

I’ve addressed Mr. Rove in Karl Rove is Not the Answer but after this latest Wall Street Journal article feel the need to do so again.

I would like to remind everyone that we have had 70 years of the kind of Management Mr. Rove recommends, over 10% of it under his watch.  And I would also like to ask everyone to look at where we are.  I would offer that the respect for the U.S. Constitution has never been so weak.  The Defense of the Bill of rights has never been so absent.  The Country has never seen such loss of civil Liberty and erosion of Personal Freedom.

He warns the GOP that a “Government Shutdown” would be harmful to them.  (I’ll move past the Government “Shut’s Down” routinely on every Holiday, Snow Day, etc. with no ill effect.)

But what Karl is really afraid of is the Media.  He is afraid that the Media will protect their guy…

And, he’s probably right.  But the world is different now.  There is something happening here.

We’re fed up with what we consider to be the Establishment within the Republican Party.  We’re genuinely frightened by where “getting along” and Bipartisanshitt has landed us.  Our situation can no longer be denied.

It’s time for some real Hope and Change… within the Republican Party.

And it does not include Karl Rove.

The only viable option left to us is a reformation within the Republican Party as we have wandered to far from the Founders Intent and have no time left…

“Third Party” only seals defeat for decades, if not forever.

Doing nothing only leaves The Establishment running the Republicans and gets us more John McCain’s who do exactly what the Socialists want under the banner of “Conservatism” which keeps the uninformed confused.  (One should logically ask why Establishment Republicans would do what the Socialists want… it’s because they don’t really disagree with them.  They think Obamacare is a good idea in the end.  They like governing business without taking it over.  They find power in a Command and Control Economy.  They also think you are too stupid to make the right decisions for yourself.  They are in fact Fascist, but they will never be honest enough with us, or themselves, to admit it.  They are a distinction without a difference when held in contrast to Democrats.)

We are at a place where every fight must be fought.

If they are not, the population will never see the difference between the parties… which has been by design for years.

When Doug Schoen openly states on a major news net that “our fighting in Congress makes us the laughing-stock of the world” as he did today, it is not a sign that the Progressives are confident they will keep getting their way.  Rather, it is a cry, plea even for a return to “getting along” and Bipartisanshitt because he knows that business model keeps us on the path to Socialism.  In fact, anyone crying for “more Cooperation” between the parties should be held suspect of either leaning Left or being ignorant.  Possibly both.

People like Schoen, Rove, Establishment Republicans, Democrats and most of the Mainstream Media do not want the fight to happen.  They know full well that conflict only serves to highlight the differences between the ideologies and once learned by the public cannot be “unlearned”.  All that effort in the Government Schools would be for naught.

I don’t know how to make this any clearer, the two parties stand for, or should stand for, completely different things.

In case we have forgotten…

One Party supports a Socialist, Liberal, Progressive, Marxist Ideology.

The other Party should support a unique Ideology based on Individual Liberty and Freedom combined with the protection of Property Rights, defended by an economic system of Free Markets and Voluntary Trade.  Capitalism.  Sadly, that Party has a core group of Leftists in the form of Fascist leaning leaders who have wrested control and has been driving the Party in that direction for decades.  I blame them more than the Honest Socialists on the other side for getting to where we are today.

They, the Establishment Republicans, must be removed from office as soon as possible.

Elections are the only method we have.

Fighting every fight with the Democrats is imperative because it not only exposes the differences in Ideology, more importantly it exposes those that must be removed from the Ranks of the Republican Party.

We must know WHO TO VOTE AGAINST in the Primaries.

We must be shown the differences in mindset of those who say the right thing yet do the wrong thing.

We need to have the stark contrast illustrated in simplest terms for all the Citizens to see.

We must move the public away from the foolish idea that Government is to be trusted… ever… even when they are doing what you want them to be doing.

Contrary to Paul Ryan’s statement that “we need to be able to trust the Government for it to work”, we were not founded with that idea in mind.  The Citizens were never expected to trust the Government… which is why it was LIMITED by the founding Documents… to the disdain of folks like Barack Obama.

We are to ALWAYS be suspect of everything the Government does “in order for it to work”.

Whatever Ryan’s intent, statements like those only lead us to more of the same.  It also serves to keep the electorate confused and misguided.

But keep in mind, as you listen to these people, that more of the same keeps them in power.

Just between you and me, please don’t let this get out, I don’t care about keeping them in power.

Unless they start sending me cases of booze… I’m easy.

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