SitRep 072313

Hi Guys,

Well… It’s always fun to look at the stats and see where you are.

Considering my choice of Blog topics, my point of view, and the fact that I don’t use cute pictures of Kittens playing the piano or Kim Kardashian’s Giant Ass, I think we are doing alright.

Makeaneffort has surpassed 10,000 views, from over 90 countries. (I type in every one of those languages and post in them regularly.)

We have established a Small Cult with well over 100 followers… given that most of them are selling something, or themselves, I’m guessing I actually have about 5 real followers. But that’s enough to do some genuine damage.

We’ve had a number of interesting conversations. Over 940 exchanges to be exact. But half of those are mine, so they don’t count… because they’re stupid.

In the end, this has been an exercise in distraction.

And it has worked.

Thanks for keeping me occupied.

My family thanks you as well.  Deeply… and often.

Hopefully we have provoked some thought.  If not, too bad.

I’m not giving your time back… so don’t ask.


Cheers to you all, Mike.

(Update:  News was hoping I was quitting the blogoverse because my writing is so inane it hurts her head to have to read it.  I happen to agree with her assessment of my writing which is exactly why I’m going to continue doing it.  So, I’ll quit writing it when you quit reading it!  Do you hear me NEWS?  You’ll have to pry this keyboard from my cold dead hands, or just stop reading… or whatever!  You, News, are definitely not getting your time back.)

(OK… News really didn’t say anything mean about me.  I just figured I could make her mad enough that she would.  But apparently she has a modicum of self control.  So, I’m going to pretend Snake said that my crap is so bad it hurts his head to read it.  I will, instead, agree with him….  And… NONE OF YOU are getting your time back!)

(Fine… I’ll give all of you your time back.  Just tell me where to send it and I should be able to get it out tomorrow.  Just pay shipping and handling.)


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5 responses to “SitRep 072313

  • Rattlesnake

    Thank you for all your posts, and stuff. You should have more readers. But I tried posting a picture of that Russian spy wearing a bikini once, just to lure people in, but I doubt most of the few people who that lured in were interested in reading about the dry topics I typically write about. And you write about pretty much the same topics, so I’m not sure it would do you any good. Damn hippies, with their drugs.

    Also, I don’t think Kim Kardashian is very attractive (I guess I’m not the best person to judge that, but for what it’s worth). If you were to lure people here with an attractive, scantily-clad female, I would suggest a female who is more attractive (I can’t think of any at the moment, but I’m sure you can). You can’t go wrong with kittens, though.


  • twistnpout

    it’s always fun reading!


  • twistnpout

    congratulations! Imagine how great you’d be doing if you posted Kim Kardashian’s Giant Ass? You’d be unstoppable!


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