You Don’t Need No Stinking Wall…

A suburb of Detroit is proposing building a 12-foot wall to keep people out of their community.

This is completely unnecessary.

They’re just going to climb over it anyway.

All they have to do is exactly what the current Administration is doing to the United States.

Just make Hamtramck undesirable to live in.  Really, really undesirable.  We’re talking Bad, Bad, Bad.

Stop arresting criminals, stop enforcing laws and confiscate your residents money then give it to whomever you wish.

Granted, and demonstrated by our Liberals, it will take some time.  But if you stay the course…

The result will be exactly what you want.

People will stop coming to your town… just like the rest of Detroit, and according to our “official” numbers on illegal immigration the U.S.

Problem solved… without some offensive Wall.

(H/T to that villainous foreigner Mark Steyn)


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