Well as long as you Admit it…

It’s OK.

NSA looks at FAR, FAR more people’s data than previously disclosed.


No Problem then.

We’ll just forget about all this and start going to movies again.

(Could the investigation of this Domestic Spying be why so many Governmental Department heads are suddenly “retiring”?)




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3 responses to “Well as long as you Admit it…

  • thirdnews

    I’m pretty damn sure most are the “1 hop” degree of Kevin Bacon; Technically, If you follow Drudge in your feed, then you have 11,865,310,127 this past year alone


    • Mike

      At “Three Hops”, that’s pretty much everyone. Keep in mind… if they find reasonable suspicion on the “third hop” they give themselves three more. And… I’m tired of hearing how “they can’t do this to American Citizens. It’s stupid and finds reason only with the inept. There is no physical limitation on how far they can go. They may not be able to use the information in court… but it doesn’t mean that they “can’t do it”.

      (I have Drudge on my bar. I would love to offer more credit to those who deserve it, but I prefer not to give the asshats a reason to not read something. And, they are always looking fro a reason not to read something.) – I was thinking of something else when I wrote this. It’s not relevant to this post, but I was referring to not handing out Hat Tips and instead sending the reader directly to the site instead. Anyway… nobody cares. I can hear the crickets.


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