Run Away! Run Away!

Apparently it’s no longer a laugh line from Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

According to our Attorney General, Eric Holder, it’s “your duty” to retreat when threatened.

Your Duty… to Run Away.

 [ dootee ]
  1. obligation: something that somebody is obliged to do for moral, legal, or religious reasons
 [ thret ]
  1. declaration of intent to cause harm: the expression of an intention to cause harm or pain
  2. sign of something bad: an indication that something unpleasant or dangerous is going to happen
  3. somebody or something likely to cause harm: a person, animal, or thing likely to cause harm or pain

Please take a moment and think about this.

Our Attorney General, who is the legal mouthpiece for the President of the United States, has stated in no uncertain terms that you must retreat when threatened by anyone wishing to do you harm.  And make no mistake… taking your stuff, threatening your well-being, or both, is “doing you harm”.

According to Mr. Holder, you are obligated to give that person, or persons, whatever they want if they demand it.  Could be your Wedding Ring, could be your child, could be your body.

You have no right to protect yourself, or your property, if another individual is willing to harm you.

Sounds to me like it’s “Open Season” on all of us who are not inclined to break the law.  Sounds like a Thug empowerment seminar.  Sounds like pandering for the criminal vote.

The only legitimacy this idea enjoys is born out of the concept that we should leave such matters to the police (the government).  It is a flawed idea.

I respect the police.  It is a difficult and dangerous job.

However, the police are the SECOND line of defense against crime.  They exist to catch criminals AFTER they have committed the crime… as it should be.

YOU are the FIRST line of defense… as it should be.

Why is this?

Because you do not… do not… do not… want to live in a country where there is a police officer on every corner.  These places exist, and judging by the numbers, you don’t even choose to vacation there.

So, this leaves YOU.  And surprisingly unknown to our current leaders, our country was designed that way.  The responsibility to defend ourselves is integral to our freedom and liberty.  In fact, our ability to defend ourselves, and our property, is considered an inalienable right.  Does that phrase sound familiar?  It should.

As you age, and pay attention, it becomes disconcerting when you realize the level of ignorance some of us find acceptable in our leaders.

Or is it ignorance?

Could it be they know exactly what they are saying?

If so, does that make you feel better?


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6 responses to “Run Away! Run Away!

  • twistnpout

    This is an awesome post, very succinct. A refreshing change from all the noise out there. Thanks!


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  • thirdnews

    Judge Nap commented that Eric Holder’s opinion is irrelevant, other than any private citizen who comments on a state law.

    But the fact that the FBI could not find any prosecutable ‘hate crime’ behavior pre-Zimmerman trial, and none was brought forth during the trial, does not prevent the DOJ from their mission: The DOJ has set up a ‘Zimmerman hotline’

    I love Judge Nap for his wisdom but clearly the outside the law’s intent strategy isn’t his expertise


    • Mike


      This is an Old, Tired, Clichéd problem which has been around long before Trayvon doubled back to poke George.

      The idea that Government is the only, rightful, solution to our problems is a flawed premise… one which leads immediately to oppression.

      I also must disagree with Judge Napolitano in that Holder enjoys the endorsement of the President and shares the bully pulpit. In the Holder video, you can hear the folks clapping in agreement. Not a single “boo” of disapproval in the crowd.

      While I find it difficult to believe this concept wins favor in the minority communities given that most crime is committed directly upon them, I have witnessed the power of force feeding detrimental ideas into populations and the subsequent abandonment of reason employed to support them.

      This supporting things that hurt me is always built on the idea that “those folks up there are smart and have my best interest at heart”. Also a flawed premise.


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