Better than the Alternatives

“Doing Nothing is Unacceptable.” – Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) regarding Immigration Reform Bill

Well… apparently not.

Demonstrably, “living in the shadows” here in the United States is better than the alternatives for those who choose to do it.

“Doing nothing” is exactly the right thing to do until the borders are secure. In other words… Border Security must be sole and separate from any other legislation, and must be accomplished to everyone’s satisfaction prior to initiating possible alternatives for individuals who have chosen to “live in the shadows”.

So, Doing Nothing is quite acceptable, Senator.

Particularly when the alternative requires us to yet again trust the government to perform on the promises they make.  And particularly if “Doing Something” must contain any form of legitimization for those who broke the law in coming here… even when it was the best choice they felt they had.

Where else in the World would this be tolerated?

Mexico?  Switzerland?  Norway?  If you think so, you should check out their immigration policies and get back to us.


First the Tall Fence… not the promise of one.

Then, and only then, the Wide Gate.

Words are cheap, and our politicians continuously remind us of that while hoping we forget.

Right now the folks living in the shadows seem to think it’s pretty OK… or they would vote with their feet and return to their respective countries.


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7 responses to “Better than the Alternatives

  • thirdnewsNews

    “All empires must fall eventually. Anyone who believes otherwise is in denial.” I must be in denial


  • The Dimwit Diary

    Thanks, Mike. You’ve really made me rethink this whole illegal immigration thing. I saw a stat somewhere today that 24% of the US population under the age of 17 is Mexican. Don’t mean to sound racist, but that’s kinda alarming, yeah? I’m not much of a mathematician, but something isn’t adding up.

    Write a book already, will ya??????????? Politics for Dummies, or maybe Politics for Dimwits!!! Thanks again.


    • Mike

      Don’t get me wrong… I want everyone who wants to come here to come here. However, I have a number of good friends who are, or have, waited a very long time to become a citizen or what they consider a privilege. I genuinely don’t care where they are from. The sad part is both sides play politics with this and it’s disgusting. When you start thinking carefully about what is being said versus what is being done, then understand the motives of the parties, it makes you sad.


      • The Dimwit Diary

        Okay, but maybe I’m confused. You write so sarcastically sometimes. I don’t mean that as an insult. I love it. But what do you suggest? Are you serious about the fence? Because honestly, I think the 24% is alarming. I don’t mean to sound racist, but it’s just a fact (if it’s true, I haven’t cross-checked.) I think it’s unfair if people are illegally migrating to the US and stealing jobs under the table. Where I’m from, it’s similar to the Amish. Yeah, they’re nice people, but they somehow have a loophole where they don’t have to pay things like certain taxes for example. So they ride their horse and buggys and it tears the sh*t out of the roads, and guess who pays for it??? We do. The tax paying citizens. So that’s sorta how I equate illegal immigrants, where they are hurting the rest of us. Maybe that’s a poor analogy. I’m really not good at politics, Mike. I’m pretty ignorant. So I’m just asking you since you seem to be on top of things.


        • Mike

          Be careful giving me too much credit… And, I don’t think you’re confused. I just don’t think I communicate clearly.

          I’m a believer in “Tall Fences and Wide Gates”. This was an tag line brought forward by Fred Thompson a number of years ago when he ran for President. Anyway, I agree with it. We need to secure the borders… FIRST, separate from anything else. Then, we need to liberalize the work visa program and allow those who wish to come here for work to do so. There would be taxes taken out, but no voting rights. If they decide this place is better than where they came from they can get in line for citizenship just like everyone else. If they have a particular skill or exhibit expertise, a company may offer them an HB-1 Visa. Otherwise a standard work visa would be good for a set number of months and they would have to commit no crimes and return to their country of origin periodically in order to apply again.
          Pretty simple. Unfortunately, such an idea does not benefit the Democrats because they would no see the influx of new Democrat voters the want, and it does not help the Republicans because the labor cost would go up… which does not undermine the Unions the way they want.
          So we will do nothing. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because any bipartisan solution would completely suck.

          You should read Bipartisanshitt and La Gran Mentira. Those two posts might help you understand what I’m failing to say.


          • The Dimwit Diary

            Okay, thanks Mike. Sorry to drag you into a conversation via comments! We really need a sit down sometime. Over bourbon, apparently. I have no objections to that!! That totally makes sense what you said, therefore, means it will never happen. Sad, sad, sad. America is headed for a crumble, no doubt. All empires must fall eventually. Anyone who believes otherwise is in denial. I will read those posts. Thanks my brutha! I can’t believe I’m talking politics! I honestly hate politics, but you have somehow connected to me, so that’s why I give you credit. Just accept it and move on. Don’t let it go to your big, fat head 🙂 The first round is on me (once I’m back to work, which dear lord, better be soon.) Cheers.


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