We are Not listening to your Phone Calls, or reading your E-mail…

Our Computers are doing it.

So we’re not really lying… or are we?

This latest defense by Eric Holder, that “no-one in the Justice Department is listening to your phone calls” is interesting. It’s tantamount to a Tagger saying “I didn’t spray paint that wall! The Spray Can did it.”

While technically true, it does not absolve the individual who employed the TOOL used to commit the act.

Whether a human-being or a computer is “looking for patterns”, “listening” or “reading” our private correspondence is irrelevant. The act of doing so has been initiated by a Human.

These word games are what we get from Lawyers… it’s semantics combined with careful parsing of words.

It is Machiavellian.

In the Prince, Machiavelli offers the advice to his Desired Employer that the Noble should be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep control over the population. In fact, when faced with doing things to them they stand to rebel against… do it anyway, then point the finger of blame at his opponents, whomever they may be at the time.

The problem for this Administration is the last part of that tactic.  They have not been able to successfully blame their political opponents.  The public simply doesn’t believe them anymore.

This is where we are now. As of this typing there are those in the press trying to tie Bush’s name to these acts. Yes, he had a hand in much of this as did Bill Clinton with the new, at the time, spying programs of Echelon and Carnivore.

But those guys are gone. Not present. And there is one person who has the power to stop this now, the most Brilliant Protector of Civil Liberties and most Intelligent man to ever occupy the White House… President Barack Obama. In fact, he has had 5-years since his election to stop this abuse of power and intrusion into the private lives of American Citizens that he railed against a little over 5-years ago before his election.

Yet he has not. In fact, these acts have risen to a level never before exposed in our lifetimes.

We are being told that all of this is to defend ourselves against Terrorists.

Well, let me ask… who defines the term Terrorist?  Does the United States Government have an official definition so we know we don’t fit that bill?

And, considering the abuse coming to light in the IRS, who says a jilted lover or political opponent decides that you fit the description… because they happen to be the “decider” that day?

We are on Treacherous Ground here.


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7 responses to “We are Not listening to your Phone Calls, or reading your E-mail…

  • thirdnews

    Oh shit! HTML fail 😦 -cross-off ‘wit’!


  • thirdnews

    What? They would miss your wit and paycheck


  • twistnpout

    I am so confused. We cry for a transparent government who should disclose all information to its citizens, have no secrets. And yet, we as citizens believe we should be completely protected from any intrusion to our privacy for any reason.

    Then we have those who scream in outrage when things go bad. “Why didn’t the government DOOOO something?!” The GOVERNMENT should have KNOWN and protected us!” AND THEN it would seem that with all this spying power the government uses against us to protect us – they ignore any signs when someone is really a potential threat.


    • Mike

      You’re not confused… You are correct. The Government answers to us, not the other way around.

      You will not find those who understand the value of their Freedom screaming “Why didn’t the Government Do something… at the expense of our Liberty?”

      I added the last part because it needs to be added.

      There will always be an element of danger we must be prepared to live with, and deal with subsequent to the fact, if we intend to remain free.


      • twistnpout

        Absolutely. We have to take the good with the bad. it is impossible for us to shield ourselves from every bad guy with questionable ideologies, a gun, a knife or a pressure cooker.


  • thirdnews

    Jilted lovers and political opponents I can handle but it is the fact that I didn’t know I was making a porn movie when I emptied my dishwasher
    last night


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