The Most Transparent Administration in History.

If we take President Obama’s claim at face value, and this Administration is the most transparent in history, then we know some things we didn’t before the latest hearings.

We know that the Administration is made of the largest groups of know-nothing-incompetents in the History of the United States.

But something has come up that fails to lend credit to this theory.

According to the L.A. Times, former IRS commissioner, Lois Lerner, will plead the fifth when in front of congress.

Citing the Mobster Clause seems strange if there is nothing to see here… I could almost understand this if lives were at stake, or National Security might be imperiled. But could someone help me as to how the actions of the IRS fit into either of those categories? Who does Lerner think she is? How important was this Enemies List Targeting Operation to the Administration? Is there really a crime here? Because citing the fifth is a tactic employed in order NOT to incriminate yourself.

This leaves on the table why we were lied to about the assassination of our Diplomat in Libya… why our government sent Assault Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels… why our Department of Justice advocates voter fraud and intimidation… etc… etc…

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